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England .. Fisherman pulls with his rod 19 World War II grenades

A detonation squad rushed to a site on the outskirts of Birmingham, central England, after a fisherman found 19 grenades in a river.

In a report published in the British newspaper, The Independent, writer Adam Forrest says that 42-year-old fisherman Chi Williams was using a magnetic base in the Tam River near the city of Sutton Coldfield, hoping to find a bait that he had lost there some time ago, but he was surprised That the magnet is pulling out a number of grenades, one after the other.

Police officers evacuated the area around the river, while the bomb disposal unit went to examine the packages that the fisherman had taken out. A number of bombs that remained in the water were x-rayed, and it was found that they did not contain explosives or detonators.

Williams expressed his dismay that he will not be able to keep this unique treasure, as the bomb squad will destroy bombs dating back to WWII.

The bombs found in the river turned out to be World War II (British Press)


Williams uses a £ 15 magnet, but he had only previously found two scissors, a 5p coin and a car wheel cover. Speaking of the grenade discovery, he says, “When I found the first bomb, I thought to myself what is this for heaven’s sake?” At first, I thought It was a door handle covered with dirt, but then I looked carefully and guessed … It was a grenade, and then I kept pulling the grenades one by one, I couldn’t believe it .. My surprise was great.

Al-Sayyad added that he took the bombs home with him in his handbag, before asking his friends on Facebook what he should do, and one of them advised him to call the police before any bomb exploded.

Williams added, “The specialized squad photographed the bombs with X-rays and confirmed that they were safe, but they told me that they would dispose of them and that I would not keep them. It was really disappointing because I knew that these bombs date back to World War II and that I can get 150 pounds for them.”

The police recommend that you be careful

After the incident, the police asked residents of the area to be more careful while fishing with magnets, and wrote on Facebook, “We are aware that the number of people who fish with magnets has increased in the area, fishermen often find a shopping cart or an old bike, but in some cases it may be The discovery is more exciting and dangerous. “

The local police added, “Fortunately, all the grenades that were found turned out to be safe, while the serrated bombs that were still in place were X-rayed and we also made sure that they did not contain explosives or detonators. We have taken them away and they will be disposed of.”

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