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Enola is a young feminist detective pulling the spotlight on Sherlock Holmes

The movie “Enola Holmes” was recently shown on Netflix and is based on a fictional series by writer Nancy Springer. The film quickly became the most watched film around the world, despite the disappointment of some people with the lack of sufficient space for the character of Detective Sherlock Holmes; So what did the Enola Holmes movie do for fans of this famous detective?

Novels are reborn

The audience got to know the character of Sherlock Holmes in the beginning from the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which he published at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, and with the beginning of cinema, films that used the character appeared, from the famous silent Buster Keaton movie to the films of director Guy Ritchie starring Robert Downey Junior and Sherlock series.

But today’s film, although based on a novel, and bears the name Sherlock Holmes in one form or another is not a new treatment of the same literary source.

In 2006, writer Nancy Springer published her first novel, starring Enola Holmes, in which she used the character Sherlock Holmes as a side character, as well as the same time in which the events of his novels take place, and a new character was introduced, Enola, the investigator’s younger sister, who turns into a detective as well.

Between feminism and adventurism

The events of the Enola Holmes movie begin with the strong and distinctive relationship between Enola and her mother after the death of the father and the two brothers’ travel. The mother chose not to teach her daughter traditionally, and to use her intelligence in a different way, and when the girl’s 16th birthday came, the mother suddenly disappeared, and the brothers came to search for her and take care of the little girl. Surprised with her personality and education, the elder Mycroft decided to transfer her to a boarding school in order to prepare her to become an English wife.

And the girl has to escape and start a new life in London, the cruel city, and during this journey, she searches for the missing mother, and Marquis helps a young man with her abilities that she gets to know as a young investigator who may surpass her famous brother Sherlock.

In front of us, we find in the film a mixture of progressive feminist ideas, with a touch of entertaining adventures. During her journey, Enola encounters a variety of personalities and obstacles trying to overcome. But at the same time, she is in London during the period, whose women are fighting for women’s right to vote, reject traditional marriage relationships, and want to start a very masculine career, which is investigating crimes and mysterious disappearances.

But the film, unlike other works, blended very well with feminist ideas in the form of adventures, neither of them overshadowed the other, and achieved this balance in the three main lines of the story, which consist of the search for the mother line, the escape from the two brothers, and the help of the young Marquis.

Millie Bobby Brown is an upcoming star

The film stars Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, alongside Henry Cavell and Sam Claflin in the role of the Sherlock and Microft brothers, respectively, and this role is an important leap in the career of Millie, who began as a child in the famous Netflix series “Stranger Things”, and got Because of him, he got two Emmy nominations.

In the Enola Holmes movie, Millie moved from children’s roles to a different age group, a challenge that many Hollywood stars and stars cannot do; But she actually surpassed him with her sweet performance as a teen detective, in which she combined lightness and drama in some scenes, with a really good performance in action and action scenes.

On the other hand, the movie presented small roles for each of Henry Cavill, famous for his former role in Superman and Sam Claflin; But at the same time, they did very well, perhaps better than any role they had played before.

One of the advantages of the film, as well as the clothes and decorations, we are here in front of a film that takes place in the early 20th century, in old London, which viewers have certain perceptions of, especially after we have seen it before in many films and series about the character of Sherlock Holmes; But in this work, more lightness was added to the image in order to match it being starring a teenage girl, and the costumes and decorations fit these factors very well.

It is expected that we will see Enola Holmes in other films to come, especially after the critical success of the film and the number of views that made it in the list of the highest-watched, and that it is based on a fictional series that offers the manufacture of other entertaining plots worth watching.

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