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Etiquette for men too .. 33 polite rules that will never let you down

Etiquette is an Arabized French word referring to good taste and good dealing with others, and is defined as “the art of good qualities, very polite behavior” that combines sophistication, simplicity and beauty.

The rules of etiquette relate to etiquette that enhances self-confidence and self-respect, and some think that following the rules of etiquette is a special matter for women, because they enjoy the softness and kindness in daily dealings, but everyone needs to present themselves in a nice and polite manner in front of people daily.

The first seconds that you introduce yourself and your smile is friendly and warm, and your handshake strong, helps to form the first impression of yourself on others. Also, following social etiquette in your professional life enhances your position at work, guarantees you better human contact, urges you to be nice to others, and helps to make people around you comfortable. Which helps you to form strong friendships, provides you with a sense of security, and increases your level of happiness and satisfaction.

Etiquette, then, is not limited to the use of a fork and knife, but is an ethical system of behavior based on showing respect and dealing with ethics in every situation, according to Hitesh Bhasin, a marketing expert and CEO of Marketing91.

dealing with people

Among the basic rules of etiquette or etiquette for dealing with people, according to the expert Bhasin:

1. If you encounter a nervous person, exercise self-control and do not contribute to the continuation of the cycle of anger.

2. Watch your voice, do not be too loud, do not flaunt what you have, and let your deeds speak for themselves.

3. People notice everything, so it is essential that your appearance reflects your charm and elegance.

4. Communicate with those who are feeling sad, and don’t pretend nothing happened, at least say you’re sorry.

5. Say: Please and thank you. Thanks shows your appreciation for those who helped you, but saying sorry makes you bigger.

6. Hold the door to those behind you, and book the elevator to those who try to catch up, and alert the bus driver to wait for one of them.

7. Be generous and carry food or cakes to a new neighbor, someone who lost a dear one, or a sick friend.

8. Put your phone aside, and look at the person who talks to you seriously, to gain confidence and understanding.

9. Leave someone standing in line in front of you, or getting in a taxi before you, after you have indicated to him at the same moment.

10. If you are in a line, leave it to answer the phone. Do not oblige them to hear your conversation while they are trapped behind you.

at work

Business etiquette is crucial, according to Barbara Batcher, author of “Business Etiquette Fundamentals,” which provides important rules, including:

11. Say thank you without exaggerating “once or twice during the conversation.”

12. Always say your full name, and start the handshake if you are the person or highest-ranking host.

13. Stand up when you are introduced to someone, because “standing helps to prove your existence, and not to ignore you.”

14. Clothes enhance a person’s professional reputation or detract from his credibility, so choose the appropriate ones for each occasion.

15. Put your phone away during meetings, knowing that “spoofing to send text messages or e-mails from under the table would be rude.”

16. Do not abbreviate anyone’s name “unless you are sure they allow it.” If you forget a name, say “I’m sorry, I forgot your name.”

17. Stand when greeting someone, even if you are busy. Standing for the next person is an admission. Say “Hello, good morning” to everyone. Greetings at work are “not optional.”

18. Welcome everyone. No one likes to be ignored. Waving the palm of your hand, not your finger, “because pointing with your index finger, you will appear aggressive.”

19. Be accurate in your appointments, and if a compulsive situation occurred to you, apologize by calling or emailing, and explain the situation briefly. And when you arrive don’t waste their time complaining about traffic or train delays.

20. Finally, Bacher warns you that “you should not pull your chair to anyone in a work environment, where both men and women can withdraw their chairs themselves.”

in public places

In public places, etiquette, according to experts, requires the following:

21. On the road, use your turn signal. Not only is it courteous, it reduces accidents.

22. In the store, park your cart on the side of the aisle, not in the middle, as there are people who shop too.

23. Where you sit down, push your chair in after leaving the table, and don’t let someone else do it for you.

24. Let people get off the elevator first before you go up. The same rule applies to train and bus.

25. In theaters and movie theaters, shut down your phone, and stop making sounds by curling the candy wrappers.

26. In the gym, purify the exercise machine after using it, and your colleagues will appreciate this.

27. It is not appropriate for you to trim your nails, comb your hair, or brush your teeth in public.

28. Cough or sneeze in your elbow, as infection has become with the outbreak of the Coronavirus a matter of life or death.

In hospitality

Finally, if you receive an invitation, the etiquette rules require that you:

29. If you receive an invitation, ask before you bring your children or one of your guests.

30. Avoid controversial or curious topics such as questions about pregnancy, weight, or salary.

31. Wait until the gathering is complete to start eating. If you do not prefer a food, do not announce it to everyone.

32. Remember table manners, a tissue on your lap, do not put your elbows on the table, chew with your mouth closed, and leave your phone.

33. Do not go empty-handed, and if invited to overnight make your bed, do not monopolize the bathroom, and accompany your host to dinner, or send a gift later.

Of course, etiquette cannot solve all our problems, but if we do it, it may spread under the influence of the domino theory, making life much better for all of us, according to Bhasin.

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