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EU raps Russia for saying Poland helped start World War Two

EU raps Russia for saying Poland helped start World War Two

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  1. Uhm let me try to blame Poland….

    How about this: If Poland would not have excisted then Germany and Russia could not have invaded Poland. So in a way merely through excisting Poland started the war.

    Does that do it ? Or is there a better more ironic/sarcastic way to blame Poland ?

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-poland-russia/eu-raps-russia-for-saying-poland-helped-start-world-war-two-idUSKBN1ZE2J4) reduced by 59%. (I’m a bot)
    > BRUSSELS – The European Commission said on Wednesday it would not tolerate distortion of historic facts after Russia suggested Poland was partly responsible for starting World War Two and said it would challenge disinformation wherever it occurred.

    > "The European Commission fully rejects any false claims that attempt to distort the history of the Second World War or paint the victims, like Poland, as perpetrators," she said.

    > "The Nazi-Soviet alliance enabled the attack on Poland by Nazi Germany on 1 September, 1939, and subsequently Soviet troops on 17 September. These events marked the beginning of the Second World War – these are the facts," she said.

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  3. The EU is wrong. Every American knows WWII started when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. /S

  4. Guess we found the first entry in Putin’s Russiapedia.

  5. In reality, as they pointed out, it was the Nazi-Soviet alliance that helped start the war because it gave Germany free reign in the east.

  6. “they were existing menacingly in the territory we wished to annex”

  7. I hear a lot of talk in this thread about how people “see” the second world war as having started when their country got involved, as if its totally acceptable, normal, or even an enlightened position to take.

    It isn’t. The invasion of Poland was the first actionable event, the first event upon which the basis for a declaration of war could solidly have been made against Germany. That IS the start of the war, and how people chose to “see” it doesn’t change that one bloody iota.

    Stop viewing things through your perceptive filters, and start seeing things for what they are objectively, for FUCKS sake. Its no wonder global society is such a fucking horrid, ignorance strewn fucking mess. If you ever looked around and had a complaint to make about it, but carry these fuck stupid habitual perception problems around with you, guess what? You are part of the problem, and your opinion is automatically hypocritical and fucking incorrect, so shut up, until you have learned to see what is, not what you think is.

  8. Im stunned by historical ignorance of so many people in this thread…

  9. Sounds like they’re trying to make people not care about Poland, isn’t that how most world wars sorta start?

  10. People here decry Putins attempt to revision history, but are eager to rewrite it themselves.

  11. Of course it was Poland’s fault? Did you not see what they were wearing? They were just asking to be invaded

  12. Well, I guess in order to start a war, you DO kinda need someone else to shoot at…??

  13. Little known fact: the USSR and Nazi Germany invaded Poland at the same time.


    And yet the Allies declared war on Nazi Germany and allied with the USSR.


  14. Ok so Russian and the Soviet Union partook in a lot of historical revisionism, but Poland isn’t totally blameless here.

    Nazi Germany was never in a position to fight France or the Soviet Union prior to them annexing parts of Czechoslovakia. Poland was complicit and participated in that process, and got a piece of Czechoslovakia for herself in 1938.

    At the time, Stalin was willing to commit troops to defend Czechoslovakia (probably because like sees like in Hitler), but of course Poland would not allow them to pass and Stalin had no way of getting them there. The western powers were of course totally on-board with appeasement at the time so that was that.

  15. Obviously you guys haven’t settled next to someone in Civilization

  16. Wow, Russia spreading neo-nazi propaganda?

    They really are part of the GOP.

  17. Russia with the peak victim blaming.

  18. Poland was kind of asking for it tbh. I mean, did you see what it was wearing?

  19. As Nirvana used to sing
    Something in the way….

  20. They literally invaded Czechoslovakia and divided it with Nazi Germany in 1938. That is a historical fact. Rest of Europe already made peace pacts with Nazis before the Soviet Union. That is a fact. Now they are looking to blame a country that suffered the most, amazing.

  21. I mean, before the invasion of Poland there was the annexation of Czechoslovakia during which Poland helped Nazi Germany a great deal, especially by preventing Soviet Union from helping. So, yeah, in a sense Poland did help Nazi Germany to get a better position to attack, ironic.

  22. The date of the beginning of the Second World War is conditional. It is unlikely that the conditional date can be considered a fact.

    And the facts are as follows.

    On September 17, Poland never declared war on the USSR (and Vice versa).

    In the late 30s, Poland had close cooperation with Nazi Germany.

    In ‘ 38, the Nazis, Poland, and a number of other European countries destroyed Czechoslovakia. What strengthened Hitler and lit the fuse of war.

  23. It *is* Poland’s fault for getting in the way of innocent Nazi Panzers and bullets.

  24. It’s like schools no tolerance policy, bully hits another kid and both get in trouble “for fighting”

  25. > Jourova said it was the pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, signed by foreign ministers Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov on Aug. 23, 1939, that paved the way for war.

    So, invasion of Poland was planned and ready in just one week?

  26. Hitler was brought to power by the Americans. They armed him throughout the war. – [https://teletype.in/@teletypeuser/HJS2YUvk8](https://teletype.in/@teletypeuser/HJS2YUvk8)

    Poland is a hyena, as Cherchel called it, who tried to profit from foreign territories. Poland and Hitler started the second world war. Very soon it will be possible to read about it on the Internet, when the largest database of historical documents will be opened.

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