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EU top diplomat says Russia, China seek to use the pandemic to extend their influence

EU top diplomat says Russia, China seek to use the pandemic to extend their influence

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  1. They are already expanding their influence since Trump is too incompetent to have an adult convo.

  2. Stop outsourcing manufacturing to China, and stop buying oil and natural gas from Russia. Problem solved.

  3. Yeah, obviously.

    The struggle between states never ends and if it wasn’t Russia or China it would be the US, but they are the good guys so that would never be pointed out as a negative.

  4. Well, that’s literally what every powerful country is trying to do, including US.

  5. Also, water is wet. Of course countries are using the current crisis to expand their influence.


    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loathe the Russian and Chinese governments but that ain’t exactly surprising. Everybody’s doing it. What did you think the US government was doing when it was trying to get exclusive rights for the cure? Heck what do you think the US federal government is doing *when it’s outbidding it’s own states for medical supplies?*


    Attack China and Russia for the legitimately awful stuff they do. Like concentration camps, organs harvesting, using troll farms to turn social media into society-destroying hellscapes, harrassing and murdering journalists and for their chronic lack of transparency.


    But this? That’s just realpolitiks. Of course China and Russia will exploit a global crisis and lack of US leadership for their own gain. That’s something they’d do no matter who was in charge in those nations.

  6. No shit. Why do you think China acted like the way it did in December – present. Never let an opportunity go to waste.

    But ofc anyone that points out China is using this pandemic to their adv usually gets downvoted to hell because they didn’t shift the blame onto Trump.

  7. Yeah and Trump is helping.

  8. and trump is doing a great job shrinking our influence by taking masks from other countries.

  9. Because obviously no other country ever sought to extend their political influence like ever

  10. EU, the continent that does nothing haha.

  11. Even if russia and china does so, US did and continue doing the same when they could to undermine regimes around russia. You can read all about it in wiki. So what, somebody cared about us doing it no? Thats the politics! Welcome to the world.

  12. Reports russian state controlled media TASS.

  13. Not necessary. Trump is doing it and he did a good job.

  14. It’s naive to not expect every world government to use this to expand their power and control.

  15. I could see Russia definitely getting some headway. But if COVID really did originate from China (just in case), that is a losing battle for China.

  16. Do they even have to do anything? We are shooting ourselves in the foot already for them.

  17. Less than 4M germans fought on the eastern front sooo……. I don’t see how your argument is logistically possible.

  18. Don’t tell me anyone is surprised by this? What? You thought all those “free” ventilators and PPE are for “humanitarian” reasons?

  19. EU still cautious about attacking Trump directly.

  20. All superpowers spread their influence when there’s a window to. We are just comfortable with US doing it. Now, there’s no good guy bad guy anymore, just dudes with a suit.

  21. What world power isn’t trying to do this?

  22. EU top diplomat found to be lacking most braincells.

  23. That’s rich coming from the EU, which has France as its member, a country that engages in neo-colonialism in Francophone Africa and keeps them from having full sovereignty. Western hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  24. Evil and Godless always will, whether an orange disgrace pig of a president, or authoritarian ignorant cuntries.

  25. Don’t forget the US and the EU too

  26. Of course. European countries have been doing this for centuries, tables are turning and it doesn’t feel so good, does it?

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