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Europe scrambles to save nuclear deal and avert US–Iran war

Europe scrambles to save nuclear deal and avert US–Iran war

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  2. This is not “scrambling to save nuclear deal”, this is professional lip service.

  3. There was an attempt to bring logic into American politics

  4. Avert a war that’s been underway for 40 years and counting. Apparently, it’s not Saving Private Ryan-ish enough for the histrionic crowd.

    There’s no deal to be saved; it’s history. If the goal of *any* future deal is to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear deterrent, then there’s theoretically no deal to be had. It would serve only one purpose and that’s the lifting of sanctions, the resumption of capital inflows, and the ongoing development of nuclear weaponry. The rest is a Western fantasy.

    There isn’t anything complicated underway. It’s all in plain view and if Iran’s recent humiliation doesn’t make the mullahcracy’s hegemonous plight rather obvious for many, it likely never will. The widespread naïveté is hyper cringe.

    All vying for power and control. That’s it, that’s all.

    Pick a side.

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