Home / news / European Union Wants All Smartphones to Have the Same Charging Port. It would reduce electronic waste and improve the consumer experience, says the E.U.

European Union Wants All Smartphones to Have the Same Charging Port. It would reduce electronic waste and improve the consumer experience, says the E.U.

European Union Wants All Smartphones to Have the Same Charging Port. It would reduce electronic waste and improve the consumer experience, says the E.U.

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  1. Apple is the only one that does not already do this. All modern phones are USB-C. Also, I continue to use all my phone chargers. This is not the 90s when every brand and model had a unique charger.

  2. I have often said that if we had a government that was worth a pitcher of warm spit certain things, like cell phone charging ports, would be standardized. We can argue all day long over whether FireWire is better than USB C, but at the end of the day all we want is to hook up the damn phone–without having to maintain a drawerful of latest-brilliant-idea cables that went obsolete the day after the warranty expired.

  3. That would be great! As long it’s a port that works on both ways like usb C

  4. Eco-friendly standardiazation is always good.

  5. The title should just be, “EU wants Apple to stop using proprietary charging cords” because we all know they’re the only ones playing with a different ball.

  6. How about wall sockets eh?

  7. This is actually both practical and important. Smartphones pretty much universally use either micro-USB or USB C, with manufacturers currently making the switch to USB C. Apple is the odd one out because they want proprietary hardware, making it difficult to get chargers without them getting a cut.

    In fact, OEM lightning cables have a chip in them which (originally) made it very difficult for third parties to manufacture them. They cracked that some time ago, but I imagine Apple is still looking at a future of control.

    Keep in mind that the industry follows various standards. USB is one, Ethernet another (well really they both have multiple standards), a long list of standards for manufacture and development. The government isn’t saying “all phones must use this specific connector and you’re not allowed to invent better ones,” they’re saying “you all need to adhere to a single standard for connectors, figure your shit out.”

  8. Shouldn’t they be standardizing the electric outlets first?

  9. i though this was the reason we have microusb in majority of phones now.

    back in the day every phone had its own custom charger plug. it was pure hell.

  10. Can we do the same for laptop chargers? I don’t how different charging ports there are out there but it’s ridiculous.

  11. Maybe this is a dumb question, but if every phone comes with a charger in the box, that doesn’t really reduce e-waste because you are still stockpiling chargers that will eventually become waste, regardless of what port they use?

  12. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://interestingengineering.com/european-union-wants-all-smartphones-to-have-the-same-charging-port) reduced by 80%. (I’m a bot)
    > The E.U. would like to stop this type of situation from happening by having a standard and singular charging port for all types of smartphones.

    > Slow progress on common smartphone charger initiative may get extra EU push: The European Commission is examining if it should push smartphone producers like Apple to collaborate on a single mobile phone charger that would work with all smartphones, due https://t.

    > Back in 2009 the European Commission had asked for harmonized charging systems.

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  13. Looking at you Apple! Fucking stupid to not use what everyone use.

  14. The proposal is about common chargers not the same charging port.

  15. As long as they pick the one I want.

  16. Good. I hope they choose something Apple hates. No white plastic or rounded corners would be perfect.

  17. This is why i want to leave my shit hole country for Europe

  18. As much as I hate proprietary tech I’m goi g to side with Apple On this one. If you invent something better you should be allowed to sell it.

    On the flip side maybe Apple will make it an open standard.

  19. I have had 4 type c cables set on fire when wet. No other cable has done this

    . If we are all the same we are all a victim of the same attack vector. Diversity is our strength.

  20. I am so glad I live in the United States.

  21. So they want to reduce e-waste with a law that would make most chargers obsolete?

  22. The EU is run by idiots with inferiority complexes.

    Imagine having to wait for politicians to pass a law just so you can allow tech to progress from using a USB-A port to using a USB-C port. By the time the pass a law to allow the next great tech thing, the tech will have changed.

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