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Everton Ancelotti … a psychiatrist, tactician, and cherry named James

We learned that stumbling in steps is not a disaster as long as you search for the cause and get up again, and going back a step or a few steps in order to start again is courage in itself, and it is not a declaration of surrender at all. Carlo Ancelotti knows it well, so he decided to start a new story at Everton.

In the past, Brian Clough, who searched for himself in the middle of the second degree until he regained his name and accomplished his most prominent miracles with Nottingham Forest, was also Otto Rehagel, who received a punch from Bayern Munich and decided to go to Kaiserslautern, who is in the second division at the time, to return from afar and achieve the miracle of the Euro in 2004 with the Greek national team. Conclusion? Sometimes everything in life is upended by a bold step backward. (1)

Ancelotti ended the Real Madrid experience quickly in a way he did not expect or wished after a historic first season, and then a humiliating dismissal in Bayern Munich followed by another in Naples after a cinematic dispute with President De Laurenti. At this moment, it stands at a crossroads. Either withdrawal and contentment with what has been achieved of history, or dust and risk again, and because Ancelotti chose the path of adventure, we came here. (2)

James Rodriguez and Carlo Ancelotti

In recent years, Everton Ronald Coman and Marco Silva have succeeded, with hundreds of millions of euros, the club’s owners seemed to have a project, but in fact the matter was only insane spending, deals based on the waste of major clubs, without a clear plan even to recycle them again. . (3)

After that, the club management decided to resort to a man who could create a personality for the players and the team, and this is what actually happened with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, since since the beginning of his journey at Everton his influence began to appear on his players psychologically before he appeared technically, before any contracts the players had a desire More victory and less moodiness, and in this context it is not new, as the previous experiences of the Italian coach illustrate this point well.

The training sessions are short and intense at the same time, unlike the long, boring lectures and exercises under Silva’s leadership that the players are tired of. There is a sense of less strictness with players no longer being forced to eat at specific times. Friendship with the players was important to Ancelotti, so they were allowed out for the night, as long as they were ready to work the next day. Things Walcott summed up when he said, “You can relax and sit with Carlo to talk as you talk to anyone else.” (4)

This is nothing but a new episode in a series of similar events whose hero was the Italian coach, who used to talk to his players about everything, and made them always feel the desire to talk to him outside the boundaries of his job and their job, as a father? As a psychiatrist? Likewise, the sage that we hear about in old stories, who sits under a tree to give passers-by his experiences? In fact, the answer appears to be a mixture of all of that.

The tactical drawing was not much different from what the man was used to, with Ancelotti presenting his favorite hybrid between 4-4-2 and 4-3-3. The basic premise is defensive rigidity in 4-4-2 in the absence of possession of the ball, with the wings joining the depth to form a coherent midfield block, and the transformation into a more fluid 4-3-3 when winning possession. (5)

This transformation is achieved by moving the right midfielder onto the field and moving forward.Last season, Theo Walcott and now James Rodriguez, the left striker swings between the winger and second striker who is Richarlson, with Calvert Lewin at the rear an outspoken spearhead.

As for the full-backs, Coleman and Luca Dini’s double have not yet obtained their right, the duo on which most of the transformations that the Italian coach relies on in his plan, which helped the emergence of new deals and players who shine digitally with the team in the new season in the best possible way.

Coleman climbs forward, on his part there is James Rodriguez, who helps him by leaning to the depth and paving the way for him to advance, in this case the newcomer Abdullah Ducuri comes to secure their back, so that the right side of Everton is not exposed in defense, and so that the team is not deprived of the effective offensive increase of his appearance, Where Luca Dini plays the same role on the left side, the quick switch from the right side to the left by seeing James and his longitudinal passes that transfer the load to the other side of the field, giving more solutions with the fewest number of passes, and it is worth noting that the duo have the highest touch rate of the ball With the team in the first five matches. (6)

Looking at the goals of the brilliant striker Calvert Lewin, we find them an example of all that has been said. James either gives the decisive pass from a vertical or cross ball, or he gives Coleman the opportunity to advance and send the cross, or his reverse pass comes to the left side so that Luca Dini takes care of sending the cross over the head or foot of the striker. The young Englishman, who faced widespread criticism last season and then made an exceptional start in the new season, only because everything around him went perfectly. (7)

At Everton, the midfield issue was the most puzzling thing in the team, as Coman and Marco Silva tried to settle on a distinctive combination and did not get that, and what made matters worse was the departure of the best component, Idrissa Gayet, to Paris Saint-Germain during the 2019 summer transfer season, to lose Toviz is the only element capable of building a real midfield system around it.

Gayet left and Fabian Delph failed to compensate him, and the middle of Everton Stadium became the weakest link in the formation of the team. Gilfi Sigurdsson, Tom Davis and Morgan Schneiderlin did not present the expected, while Jean-Philippe Gbamin, coming from Mainz for 25 million pounds, did not escape the injuries that prevented him from presenting Likewise, while Andrei Gomes was feeling the grass after recovering from a serious ankle injury, then he played several matches at the end of last season with the aim of getting back in shape and form again. (8)

Ancelotti decided to turn the weaker link into the most prominent point of strength, as he immediately noticed the problems of his team and began to fix them this summer, and in turn brought Alan from Napoli and Abdullah Ducuri from Watford, and between them the cherries of James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, to form the middle of a completely new field except for Andre Gomez, who was before, only came back to life after defining his roles more closely than his favorite. (9)

The division of roles is very simple, Alan is the destroyer of attacks, the breaker of balls, and the focal point who maintains possession, while the role of Ducure revolves around running in order to fill in the voids left by the rise of Coleman and James and secure their backs, and spread longitudinally between the two penalty areas to play the role of “box to box” Who never stops running and driving shifts. Whereas Gomez now has to do with less physical effort, he has more room to give passes and rely on his vision. (10)

What about James? He is the most free player in the formation of Everton, he moves in a space between the wing and the playmaker most of the time, and is left with the room to switch between depth and sides as he pleases, depending on the insightful vision and accuracy in sending balls and longitudinal passes, in the way he used to shine in his most prominent stations with Monaco, Porto, Real Madrid and Ancelotti, as well as the Colombia national team.

“We can play with number 10 but when we play without number 10, the idea is always the same; playing from within the lines.”

(Carlo Ancelotti)

The idea is very simple, Carlo Ancelotti’s plans look classic, but the man gives them some simple details and special touches that give them their strengths. At Everton, there was more than one touch that contributed to the rise of the team in record time, reaching the top with the start of the new season and adding summer deals. (11)

Besides changing the formation and elements of the midfield, Ancelotti rejected the direct direction instilled by former coach Marco Silva and went to a style that relied more on passing and movement, where Carlo is interested in controlling possession without becoming worthless. After that comes the distribution of the roles of the midfielders, where vertical passes between the lines, which was revealed by Michael Kane recently in an interview with Astro Stadium.

Kane, for his part, said: “Ancelotti has changed little things in the way we play, he wants more movement to enter between the lines, and he also wants the midfielders to get out the ball and advance with it; he prefers dribbling before passing forward in order to push us to the top of the field with greater intensity.” Kane summed up nearly everything in these statements. (12)

Complementing this feature is a smarter midfield movement to navigate spaces between opponents, says Kane, creating vertical passing options that are more dynamic than what was happening under Silva’s leadership, pushing the team away from the stereotypical stylization it has suffered from lately.

In the four matches Everton played in the Premier League this season, and the West Ham meeting in the Carabao Cup, Carlo Ancelotti started with the same formation except for one game, the last one against West Ham, which he played without Ducuri, Gomez and Coleman, alternating? No, only because they were injured, and this is the problem that is not emerging today, but rather Carlo’s most prominent problem since his coaching career began until now. (13)

In the 2015 season with Real Madrid, things turned upside down, at the beginning of the season, the royal scored 22 victories in a row in the longest series he achieved in his history, but in the end he came out with a zero season, and in Milan’s historic era, Ancelotti played 8 seasons in which he won the league title once, and the reason In short breath, he always relied on 11 or 14 players at most in all season matches, so injuries can destroy everything, which is easy to happen because of the pressure that the players endure without rest or rotation. (14) (15)

In addition to that, Ancelotti is this time in a more competitive league, and that he is coaching a team that used to be in the middle of the schedule compared to his previous trips, which were often with the more powerful team, and do not forget that the current season is more stressful than normal due to the effects of the Corona virus, as well as the possibility Infecting some players with the same epidemic. He placed all of this alongside the Italian coach’s crises in his previous eras, along with his reliance on one formation with Everton as well and continuing on the same approach. In the end, you will conclude that the fall is possible even if all things went technical, psychological and tactically in the optimal way.

But before we make the closing point, remember that the trip in general will be an exciting one, a new chapter of football stories that breaks tradition and gives hope to dreamy experiences, a reminder that the world does not run randomly, and that the ball still represents hope in a world full of disappointments, and that it is in the midst of many From the monotony, there is an event that calls for sitting in front of the television to wait for it every week just to break the boredom surrounding you from every side, being the only one that may give you the thing out of the ordinary.



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