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Facebook is banning ads that promise to cure the coronavirus

Facebook is banning ads that promise to cure the coronavirus

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  1. That’s good because I’m the only person who can protect you from the coronavirus. Wanna learn how? Send for my free brochure.

  2. And yet, they will not ban demonstrably lying political ads.

    By the way, this confirms Zuckerberg is in fact a Borg. If he were a robot, as many suspect, he would not be worried about a biological pathogen.

  3. pretty sure Clorox kills the virus

  4. This is seriously crazy, I’ve also seen lots of fake posts imposing me and selling their fake IT solutions services on Facebook. Its getting out hand.

    This is why actions needs to be taken, reduce the shits to the bearest minimum. I’m only on telegram & reddit presently, my team manages the remaining social media accounts.

    A good one from Facebook though.

  5. How am I supposed to sell my forsythia stockpile?

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-corona-virus-cracks-down-ads-2020-2) reduced by 71%. (I’m a bot)
    > Facebook is tightening up its rules on ads that reference the novel coronavirus, in an attempt to curtail misinformation and fearmongering about the outbreak.

    > Facebook users are turning to groups on the social network to buy and sell medical face masks in bulk – something that risks hindering medical professionals' ability to combat the outbreak.

    > Do you work at Facebook? Got a tip? Contact this reporter using a nonwork device via encrypted messaging app Signal, encrypted email, standard email, Telegram/Wickr/WeChat or Twitter DM. PR pitches by standard email only, please.

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  7. … but not all the other bullshit medical stuff that gets posted there.

  8. Where are the antivax bans? Wtf?

  9. Unless the promise is made by a politician.

  10. Lies about Coronavirus? NOT TODAY SATAN!!!

    Lies about politics? Well, hey, we can’t infringe on free (paid) speech.

  11. So, they can block fake Coronavirus ads, but not political misinformation?

  12. But not banning Trump’s posts claiming that he’s almost got a cure.

    Keep showing us your true bias FB and go to hell.

  13. In other news, Trump campaign ads saying he will cure the coronavirus and Elizabeth Warren caused it with a Native American curse are allowed.

  14. Of all the types of ads I’ve run on Facebook, health claims are the ones ive seen get taken down the most often.

  15. How is this even news, let alone world news? Banning obvious scams is basic maintenance for a social network. We should not be congratulating them for this, we should just expect it as a bare minimum. Also I’m loving Zucc’s “concerned human male” face

  16. Unless it has an Ivanka trademark.

  17. Wait..I keep seeing a mini bulldozer ad that is a scam.

    Facebook your shait

  18. So that’s where they draw the line?

  19. What if I ran for some elected office with the platform of finding a cure, then bought a campaign ad on Facebook?

  20. Wow how are we living in the movie Contagion all of a sudden?

  21. Until trump ads that make that promise

  22. He’s probably worried that the FDA will crack down.

  23. Could you ban other misinformation too? Like literally anything that comes out of Trumps mouth

  24. God told me that the more money people send me the safer they are from Coronavirus. Can I run an ad for that?

  25. Stop putting Facebook in a good light.

  26. Fuck everything about that rotten company.

  27. What a joke. Racism, Sexism, Gore, Russian paid American political advertising, NO PROBLEM! I guess there isn’t much money exploiting Corona virus

  28. I read on Facebook that drinking bleach works

  29. How about an adjective Trump cut funding to Coronavirus research because can you prove he didn’t?

    If you can’t prove he didn’t then I’m pretty sure on Facebook that means it’s true!

  30. Drink bleach! (Only works for Conservatives and Christians!)

  31. And yet they wont ban anti-vax BS that has killed children.

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