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FBI investigators consider the storming of Congress the most dangerous since the September attacks and accusations of supporters of Trump

FBI agents considered the congressional storming of their most dangerous case since the September 11, 2001 attacks, amid accusations by supporters of former President Donald Trump’s campaign of funding the demonstration that led to the storming.

The “Washington Post” newspaper quoted some FBI agents describing them as the most dangerous case for them since the September 11 attacks, stressing that they attach great importance to determining the extent of planning. And coordination between groups of intruders.

The newspaper added that agents of the FBI are working across the country to uncover the motives and goals of the hundreds of Trump supporters who stormed the Congress building on the sixth of this month.

FBI investigators – according to the newspaper – are working to distinguish between the participants in organizing an armed attack on the headquarters of the US government, and groups linked by political faith guaranteed by the constitution.

The “Washington Post” newspaper reported that law enforcement officials believe that the bombs found near the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties in Washington were deliberately placed, with the aim of distracting the police forces and pulling them away from the Congress building at the crucial moment to storm it.

The “Washington Post” published a video clip it said it had obtained exclusively, showing the suspect carrying a bag believed to contain explosive materials, and the FBI raised the value of the reward allocated to everyone who provides information that leads to his arrest, after investigators conducted the FBI to 100 thousand dollars. Interviews with over a thousand people to get to know him.

Demonstration funding
In turn, the Wall Street Journal said – According to sources among the organizers of the demonstration – Alex Jones, one of Trump’s most prominent fundraisers, far-right broadcaster, obtained donations to fund the demonstration.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Julie Jenkins Fanseli, heir to the Publicex chain of stores, donated about $ 300,000 to fund the demonstration, and that Jones facilitated obtaining this funding from it, as she was a prominent financier of the Trump campaign.

But the newspaper did not mention whether the organizers of the demonstration at which Trump spoke had planned to storm Congress hours after the sermon, noting only that Jones did not respond to the newspaper’s request for comment on this news.

A federal court in Washington had charged two members of the Proud Boys, belonging to the far right, with conspiracy and causing civil unrest, against the background of their role in the storming.

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