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FBI: Saudi government ‘almost certainly’ helps its citizens escape prosecution in US for serious crimes

FBI: Saudi government ‘almost certainly’ helps its citizens escape prosecution in US for serious crimes

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  1. UK: “Oh. Tell us more…”

  2. US spy wife runs down British teenager. Trump personally helps her escape prosecution.

  3. > Intelligence officials believe the escapes from justice will continue without intervention by the American government.

    > “(Saudi) officials are unlikely to alter this practice in the near term unless the US Government (USG) directly addresses this issue with (Saudi Arabia) and ties US cooperation on (Saudi) priorities to ceasing this activity,” according to the FBI.

    Yeah, good luck with that. The US government hasn’t addressed any of the far more serious issues that have arisen with Saudi Arabia like their use of African child soldiers in a US-backed war or the assassination of a Washington Post journalist.

  4. This happened in my neck of the woods, [https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-24183135](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-24183135)

    Saudi Princess had slave labor in Irvine California, took away their passports, and our DA dropped the case

  5. Also in the news: the sky is blue and Queen Elizabeth II has been voted the most popular living English queen.

  6. As long as the USD is tied to Saudi oil, it will be like that.

  7. During the Gulf War, my medical unit helped to smuggle a US military officer out of Saudi Arabia after he had sexual relations with the wife of a Saudi citizen, considered to be a capital offense in Saudi Arabia. He was arrested after the husband complained to the Saudi government, but the US military (during the build-up to the attack on Kuwait to protect Saudi oil fields) convinced the Saudi authorities to turn him over to US detention. I (the officer of the day at my air transportable hospital) was told that the stated reason given to the Saudi officials was that ‘he was obviously insane and committed an act of depravity due to his mental disability”. Once we had him in custody, he was very quickly removed from KSA to Germany and then undoubtedly back to the US mainland. As an officer in the middle of this kabuki dance between Saudi Arabia and the USA, I simply did my job and certified that he was “insane” under US and Saudi law, and therefore needed treatment, conveniently provided out-of-theater. It should be obvious to the casual observer that he was not, in fact, insane, but simply met and sexually bonded with a female who was married to someone else.

    This sort of protection of (my-country) nationals when in (your-country) is not an unknown thing.

  8. This isn’t anything new. When 9-11 happened airspace was completely shut down in the states except for private jets heading back to Saudi Arabia.

  9. Same thing happens to US citizens in Saudi too, It’s a two way street

  10. It is not ok for Saudi Arabia to do this, but for the United States to make such a strong public condemnation while simultaneously protecting a murderer from prosecution in Britain is indicative of the hubris we operate with – and why we are met with so much derision around the world.

  11. Israel does this, too. And both Saudi Arabia and Israel are the ones pushing to shed American blood in Iran. Great allies.

  12. The US is not going to extradite the ambassadors wife that ran over a kid in Brittan so….

  13. Will they say the same for Israel?

  14. Remember that Saudi millionaire who raped a girl in the UK. He told the courts that she fell on his dick, and he got away with it and flew his ass back to Saudi.

  15. They were responsible for 9/11 and all of our presidents have kissed their ass.

  16. This is one of the reasons why we should end cash bail. Numerous Saudis have fled the country after posting very large bonds, enough that we know money isn’t enough to make sure they stick around for their trial.

  17. does this actually come as a surprise to anyone?

  18. We do this with our citizens in Saudi Arabia !!!

  19. And America doesn’t avoid punishment in the UK?

  20. No different than when the wife of a US diplomat killed the teenager in UK with her car not too long ago. She bolted back to the US to avoid trial for her crimes and we won’t extradite her back there to face trial. If you have friends in the right places you can get away with anything, just ask Jeffery Epstein.

  21. USA does the same thing in other countries.
    Check out Raymond Davis case in Pakistan. The guy killed two people and was sent back to USA on a private jet without any prosecution.

  22. Remember,

    Iran bad, Saudi good

  23. “almost” certainly. just fucking be honest about something for once.

  24. Don’t all countries do this?

  25. The Saudi government is made up almost exclusively of scumbags, so this should surprise nobody. If they will support worldwide terrorism, including 9/11, those fuckers will do anything.

  26. Local story: [He was accused of killing a Portland teen. Feds believe the Saudis helped him escape](https://www.oregonlive.com/news/erry-2018/12/9b5b1eff724150/he-was-accused-of-killing-a-po.html)

  27. How many war criminals are in the US, completely safe from any repercussions?

  28. As a not-entirely-unrelated issue, apparently the majority of presidentialvetoes during the 116th Congress [are on resolutions that deal with Saudi Arabia.](https://www.senate.gov/legislative/vetoes/TrumpDJ.htm)

  29. Trumps terrorist buddies. But but but Iran bad!

  30. So what? The US does the exact same thing but does it in the open and by lying.

    Maybe the Saudis learned from Trump.

    Ask the Brits.

  31. *and is responsible for planning and resourcing all transnational Jihad.

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