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‘Female cocoa farmers paid as little as 23p a day’

‘Female cocoa farmers paid as little as 23p a day’

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  1. Is there any chocolate company out there that I can buy chocolate from that does its part to pay workers that farm cocoa? Would be happy to pay more if it means that the trickle effect gets back to the people that make it possible

  2. How much are the children paid?

  3. The solution: farm the male cocoa

  4. “A woman’s work is never done.”

    This probably explains why they get paid less.

  5. Does buying UTZ certified or fair trade chocolate help?

  6. Even if the major chocolate producers in the world wanted to stop this (and some of them do), it’s nearly impossible to enforce with the current supply chain structure. If these people are to be treated fairly in a global supply chain, more effort needs to be put into progressive local government infrastructure: basic human rights, labor laws, and education to grow complex economies that are not completely dependent on cheap labor and raw material exports

  7. bUt At LeAsT tHeY gOt A jOb

  8. And how much are the men paid? More? Or are these works paid by the basket?

    Because this seems like cheap click bait otherwise.

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