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Few convinced by Apple’s case for Hong Kong app removal

Few satisfied by Apple’s case for Hong Kong app removing

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  1. My next phone wont be an apple phone. It will be one manufactured outside of the fascist regime China.

  2. I want to meet the few who were convinced, and sell them some bridges.

  3. Can they not get this app from outside the app store? On android you can still install apps from elsewhere than the play store if you allow it.

  4. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-50009971) reduced by 88%. (I’m a bot)
    > As if piling up sandbags before a flood, Apple was well prepared to face a backlash over its decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters.

    > "Over the past several days we received credible information, from the Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau, as well as from users in Hong Kong, that the app was being used maliciously to target individual officers for violence and to victimize individuals and property where no police are present. This use put the app in violation of Hong Kong law.”

    > Long-time Apple commentator John Gruber wrote of Mr Cook's email: "I can't recall an Apple memo or statement that crumbles so quickly under scrutiny.”

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  5. in Soviet Apple

    app removes you!

  6. They authorities are trying to quell the protests and support by beating people up to cow them into becoming subjects of a dictatorial regime.

  7. Why would Apple give a damn if people are convinced or not. To the people complaining, no one, let alone Apple, gives a shit about you.

  8. I am regretting buying a iP11 recently. Unless they do something to fix this it will be the last Apple device that I buy

  9. Sorry but an app that tracks police in any country should be removed. It is an app that allows crimes to be committed. You are all jumping on the hype train without really thinking about the other consequences here.

    If this app existed in the US or any european country it would be banned as well and people wouldn’t bat an eye.

  10. Relisting the app under a more innocuous name instead of the “Hong Kong wide instant conflict map” might be a way to go

  11. A haiku for Apple’s true motive…

  12. I remember when Waze had criticism about identifying the location of the police. I wonder what Apple sees different about this app. Does it allow users to communicate? Plan?

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