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Filthy barracks bring together the healthy and the sick .. An Israeli soldier reveals the poor conditions of people with Corona in the camps

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation army summoned the police to disperse the families of soldiers who gathered in front of a military base after dozens of soldiers were infected with the Corona virus.

The families demanded that their children be allowed to spend a quarantine period (15 days) in their homes, and they talked about a bad treatment by the army of the problem, “including housing healthy soldiers with injured soldiers, and they also complained about the poor hygiene inside the base, which contributes to an increase in the number of injured.” According to the 13 private Israeli channel.

Al-Qaeda leaders summoned the police, claiming that the residents were violating the current closure, in addition to obstructing traffic. The channel did not clarify whether the police had responded to the army’s request and dispersed the residents.

The channel said that about 50 soldiers in Camp 80 were infected with Corona, and as a result, it was decided to prohibit the exit of all those at the base.

With the increase in infections inside, the Israeli army invited the channel’s crew to visit the base, to see the efforts made to stop the chain of infection.

But a letter sent by one of the soldiers to his parents revealed the real situation inside the base, and the soldier wrote, “They ordered us to clean the place because reporters are about to visit him, and they informed us that we are forbidden to leave the rooms or make any statements,” adding that “they broadcast a false truth and they are keen all the time. Silence us. “

Dozens of soldiers mutinied

Earlier, Wednesday, dozens of occupation soldiers rebelled, and refused to be quarantined with others suffering from symptoms of infection with the Corona virus at the Nitzanim base.

The Israeli website Walla said that two soldiers at the Netzanim base were injured in Corona last week, and as a result, 80 junior soldiers were sent to quarantine in the tents, and later an order was issued to transfer the soldiers to a joint quarantine site despite the symptoms of disease on some of them, according to the same source.

The site said that dozens of soldiers refused to obey the orders for fear of being infected with the epidemic, and their commanders indicated that they would be subjected to an urgent trial for refusing to implement the military order.

During the last 24 hours, the number of people with corona in the ranks of the Israeli army increased by 176 cases, bringing the total number of injured inside it to 1,340, in addition to the fact that about 10,000 soldiers, officers and army employees were subjected to quarantine, according to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

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