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Finnish Scientists: Human Activity on Climate Change Insignificant

Finnish Scientists: Human Exercise on Local weather Change Insignificant

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  1. >The paper has been criticised for not being peer reviewed and other climate scientists have refuted the conclusions reached by Kauppinen and Malmi. Critics have said that in addition to not being peer reviewed, Malmi and Kauppinen fail to provide correct physical explanation, have not linked to- or sited to enough sources to support their claims and although they denounce climate models, they use one themselves to prove their own points.

  2. This “study” was never peer reviewed when they made those claims, and as soon as someone bothered to take a look, it was proven to be pure nonsense.

  3. Human activity is GREATLY significant in the causes of climate change.

    There fixed it for ya.

  4. One question….who funded it

  5. A poster to T_D who has *not* been banned. Safe to say OP is methane bubble from the swamp.

  6. Take your meds and get off /conspiracy you gullible little man.

  7. Even if climate change is not anthropogenic in origin, that’s no reason to avoid efforts at minimizing its impact.

    It is in fact a more urgent matter, because humanity would be facing dramatic natural changes that it can not simply avoid by changing its habits.

    Such a scenario implies that, beyond merely changing its agricultural and energy production methods, humanity must prepare for dealing with the impacts of such changes on many fronts: Irrigation, migration, coastal flooding, forestry, political unrest in lands of scarcity, changes to shipping, arctic habitats, genetically modified strains… there’s a massive list of things which we’d need do beyond simply reducing greenhouse gasses.

  8. How incredibly, mind-numbingly ignorant.

    The world surface temperatures have been above average for 417 consecutive months. There is no possible way anything at all in nature can be blamed.

  9. Let me hear what the celebrities have to say before I weigh in on this.

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