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Five shot dead in Russia for ‘talking loudly’

Five shot dead in Russia for ‘talking loudly’

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  1. Can they meet my upstairs neighbors?

  2. As someone that is currently trying to sleep through their roommate scream-talking on the phone at 8 am, I get it.

  3. Investigators say the man initially complained to the group from his balcony, and an argument broke out. He then opened fire with a hunting rifle.”

    There it is. It wasn’t for loud talking it was wathever was said in the talks to escalate it to that point. The guy is nuts no doubt but this wasn’t as one sided as the title makes it out to be

  4. I mean watching road rage cams from Russia really explains this kind of thing.

  5. Okay, all of those comments in here are predictable AF.

  6. u got the flirtbox spooked now get a hat

  7. Five people at his door during lockdown…

  8. The fact that he can shoot all 5 shows impressive aim. Terrible human being and dumb decision, but good aim

  9. Didn’t know Russia is Texas!

  10. “Han havde været træls over en længere periode.”

  11. Is this the Russian Larry David?

  12. Man, some guy murders 5 people for the pettiest of reasons and all reddit can think of is a bunch of stupid jokes.

    Stay classy, everyone.

  13. Every Russian I’ve ever met talked loudly.

  14. It’s not an attractive language at any volume

  15. A bit draconian, but this was a new rule at the movies I might start going again.

  16. I thought that’s how Russian are supposed to speak

  17. I mean… In my experience that’s what Russians do?

  18. Perhaps this will encourage others to think about how their actions might negatively impact others (piss someone off).

  19. Is it bad that my first thought was “Give that man a medal”?

  20. Dead people make no noise

  21. It’s nice to know some people are still sane during these trying times

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