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For every woman who wants to renew .. you must plan for the New Year and correct the mistakes of 2020

Individual ambition decreases with preparation for the year 2021, dreams and feelings are united and the goal is one, which is to overcome this ordeal that has left its psychological, material, societal and moral effects on the whole world, not to mention the loss of loved ones from the heart of relatives and friends due to Covid-19.

All this made thinking focused on how to confront and overcome this disease, and try to compensate for the effects of the pandemic with the least losses. However, it must be accepted that what happened cannot be changed or corrected. All that can be done about the past is to review and evaluate it, to learn from mistakes and plan for the future in a positive and logical manner. What is the correct way to know the goals of the new year? What is the psychological impact of that?

Al Jazeera Net spoke to Lebanese women to find out their goals for the new year, and are they optimistic about 2021?

Julia Fouani considers that the hope for an end to the crisis and a return to normal life is what concerns the world the most (Al-Jazeera)

Return to normal life

Julia Fouani (a computer engineer) admits that the plans have changed; After the Corona pandemic and changing the course of life completely, fear of the next has become present, and the hope for the return of normal life has become the only obsession, to the point that it is only possible to live the moment when a new year comes, carrying with it all the goodness, love and wishes, and that is everyone’s wish, but that does not hide the fear Increasing the dose of optimism and raising expectations; And then the shock is more difficult.

According to Fouani, for the first time in many years, the situation was different. Fear and anxiety about the future, depression and lack of optimism are the dominant feelings, and the reason is that the year 2020 left scars and scars on families who lost loved ones or economically collapsed, and others were psychologically affected and fear entered their lives with the absence of security, and hope for the end of the crisis and the return to normal life became the most preoccupying the world Therefore, she will not be busy planning any goals, because the fog is in control of the atmosphere, and all that matters to her is maintaining health and feeling safe.

Oksana Burhan insists that it is time to start the New Year with determination, enthusiasm and optimism (Al Jazeera)

Hope for 2021

As for Oksana Burhan (a bank employee) – who lost her job this year due to the Corona crisis, lost the closest people to her due to illness, and lived a period of frustration and despair – she decided to regain her vitality, overcome the feeling of depression and restore the feeling of hope in 2021, confirming that every crisis has an end. She seeks to find another job, and has not given up or failed to find times to rest, have fun and relax with her family, and give love to those around her.

Burhan insists that the year 2020 has passed and has increased with it maturity and awareness, which prompted her to arrange her accounts and priorities, and that the time has come to begin the new year with determination, enthusiasm and optimism.

Helena Daher: Some rules must be laid down for planning, the most important of which is to think positively and restore psychological peace (Al-Jazeera)

Return to the closet of experiences and memories

Helena Daher (retired) says – sadly – that everyone is struck by fear of the future, but there must be a strong will, optimism and the ability to overcome the ordeal, and some rules must be set to plan for the best, the most important of which is to think positively and restore psychological peace.

She continues, explaining that it was a difficult year for everyone due to the Corona pandemic, but this is an opportunity to return to the past and the treasury of experiences and memories, and these memories may be that old book that I read years ago, and its content now has a greater meaning, or perhaps it is that friend who separated from her long ago Or honing skills and developing oneself in other areas, and practicing a favorite hobby with greater pleasure; This makes each of us stronger to face tomorrow, and more aware of the new opportunities that we will encounter.

Daher advises every woman to be selfish. Every woman who has spent years putting her family’s needs before her needs should not do so in middle age, which is the time to put her needs first at least for some time, and not feel guilty just because she wants to feel happy. In addition to a sense of accomplishment, and to reward herself, even with simple things.

For the first time in many years, feelings were dominated by fear, anxiety about the future, depression and a lack of optimism (pixels)

Positive memories

It is imperative to plan and receive the new year with a positive spirit and strong energy to achieve goals and work to correct the course, so how should 2021 start? What are the most important tips for the beginning of the new year?

The human development expert Anita Maalouf considers that before writing the goals of the new year, negative things or painful situations that occurred in the previous year must be evoked and lessons learned from them, and the impact they left on the human psyche, as well as the positive memories of the past year, and to what extent they were caused A positive shift in life, and thus the person has placed himself between pain and pleasure, which are the greatest motivation for a person, in addition to the presence of some logical and practical methods that make us evaluate time in a better way instead of letting negative feelings for several days destroy an entire year.

Human development expert Anita Maalouf says that positive memories from last year should be examined (Al-Jazeera)

Ways to achieve goals

Maalouf explains the most important methods that women must follow to properly achieve their goals:

1- Starting the new year with gratitude: 2020 was one of the harsh years, and to start the New Year properly, you must search for what is grateful in your life, and the best way is to write a list of things that are grateful for their presence in your life, and to develop an attitude of gratitude in your daily life.

2- Evaluation of the past year 2020: It is important to start the new year with a deep look at the events of the past year, to determine if it was disturbing and sad, and to determine what positive matter happened as well, without forgetting the failures and assessing the priorities and goals of the past year to reach change in the new year.

3- Setting up a personal plan for the new year 2021: Reliance in the personal plan for the new year mainly on setting goals and the time plan for their implementation, and it includes the professional, financial, academic and emotional levels.

4- Setting priorities in the new year: Make sure to study the priorities of the new year wisely and calmly, for example: Will the priority be to obtain additional income, or finish a training course in the field of work, or end family problems, or start a new system to preserve your health, fitness and vitality? It is imperative to finish everything that has been stuck in the past year, reconsider your life and work matters and develop your positive thinking.

5- Being honest with oneself: It is important not to lie to oneself and give oneself a fair evaluation, for example whoever was successful in practice may have failed to achieve family stability, and who failed in an emotional relationship might have succeeded on another level, and whoever lived through the stage of illness and pain found herself not alone, but surrounded by love and safety .

In short, it makes no sense for a woman to be totally successful or totally failing, and it is imperative to learn from the experiences of the past year.

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