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For first time more people are dying in UK each year than babies being born, new figures show

For first time extra persons are dying in UK every year than infants being born, new figures present

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  1. Well… yeah. Who wants to have kids in the current state of the world? Between corruption, greed, and ignorance of it’s people, crazy economies, and the perils of unchecked climate change. I know I wouldn’t want to have kids.

    Besides, were getting to the point of Baby Boomer deaths. It wasnt called the baby boom because there were few births xD

  2. I want to say it’s bad news but deep in my mind i think it’s good news because world population needs to decrease

  3. ” In terms of density, based on the Office of National Statistics findings in 2010, there were 255 people living in every square kilometer of land (660 per square mile) which ranks the territory twelfth in the world overall. ”

    I am sure you already understand that an island paradise has a higher density, if you look at the UK just in terms of countries with a population of 30 million, the population density is number 1.

    So what did the politicians do ?
    57.24 million (1990)
    58.89 million (2000)
    64.11 million (2013)

    Wait what? How do you add 5 million people to a country with 660 people per square mile?

    oh you just stop holding censuses, so the last census for the UK was 27 March 2011 and you just have to take the governments word for it that population did not continue to raise by 5 million every 10 years.

    We need immigration because less people are born than die in the United Kingdoms each year.

    Is a correct viewpoint, but so is that which says a dramatic increase in population benefits nobody but minimum wage employers who benefit from more people than land, jobs, space or water with which to nourish them.

    However much I appreciate negativity and insults, I prefer to be enlightened with statistics.

  4. Depopulation by ready and available pregnancy prevention, education, and financial well-being being a main concern with a first world demographic—color me shocked.

  5. People don’t want to have babies because the world sucks. Make the world a better place and then have babies.

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