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For gaming lovers … all you need to know about the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox

Game consoles appear only every few years, unlike smartphones and tablets, of which new models are launched every year. Where the game consoles “PlayStation 4 ″ (PlayStation 4) and” Xbox One “(Xbox One) appeared in the global markets during 2013, followed by the update of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X during the years 2016 and 2017.

Sony and Microsoft announced the launch of the new models during the month of November, and the following is a look at the most important details and differences between them.

Quality of new devices

Microsoft has announced the launch of the new Xbox “Series X” gaming console, in addition to the Xbox Series S, with a lower capacity, and does not include a Blu-ray disc player. , And is available at a real competitive price, and Sony plans to also offer the usual PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 “Digital Edition” without a Blu-ray disc player.

Which is better?

One may not be able to answer this question until at least next November; But the obvious thing is that there are no big differences between luxury models; The new gaming devices are powered by Zen-2 processors from AMD, and the graphics hardware comes from AMD as well, so gaming enthusiasts will enjoy the high-definition graphics quality they have never seen before. Before.

The technical equipment package for new gaming consoles includes a solid state drive (SSD), which ends long download times; But a disadvantage of such hard drives is the limited storage capacity, as the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with 825 GB memory, and the Microsoft Xbox Series X with a capacity of one terabyte, so gaming enthusiasts will often have to buy more storage from the companies that produce gaming devices And these storage capacities are often prohibitively expensive.

This problem is expected to appear with the Microsoft Xbox S-Class, which includes a static-state disk “SSD” with a capacity of only 512 GB, and this storage capacity is very limited given the size of modern games that exceed 50 GB; In some games, it may even reach 100 GB.

Here the user can connect the Xbox game consoles to the external memory units via the “USB” port. However, its use is limited to storing games compatible with new devices. Otherwise, the Xbox S-Series model includes equipment and components similar to the Xbox Series X, including relying on the same processor.

User can play all games of the PlayStation 4 on PlayStation 5 (German)

what’s new?

Not many new jobs; Sony and Microsoft have adopted the same previous approach. The Japanese company has developed powerful games in its development studios, in addition to exclusive games from other companies, such as Final Fantasy XVI, which was announced. Recently, there has been an addition to the game streaming service PlayStation Now.

Microsoft is also relying on X-Cloud game streaming technology, with a focus on subscribing to Game Pass, which allows the user to download games and have unlimited access to more than 100 games, including all games. New Xbox and development studios for a monthly subscription.

In addition, the new gaming devices provide the ability to run regular broadcast services applications such as “Netflix”, “Spotify” and “Amazon Prime”, which have become standard equipment now, in addition to making some adjustments to New gaming consoles in terms of detail and design.

Microsoft was forced to postpone the launch of the shooting game “Halo Infinite” until 2021, and Sony announced the availability of the new “Spider-Man” game, which will also be available for the PlayStation 4, and there are many games from The other companies, ranging from “Call of Duty: Black Ops-Cold War”, through the new “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” game, to FIFA 21. 21), and game lovers can enjoy all these games on devices that are currently available.

Will old games work on new devices?

Of course, old games will work on new devices, and in the past this was not a normal thing. But Microsoft confirmed the compatibility of old games with its new devices, as the user can play games for the Xbox One on new devices, in addition to a lot of games for the previous Xbox and Xbox 360.

This also applies to new Sony devices; Where the user can play all the games of the PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 5.

Microsoft announced that its “Smart-Delivery” program helps the user to obtain the best possible version of the game, and there are no costs to be paid for updates to the new generation of gaming devices.

It is not clear whether the game publishers are participating in this offer with Microsoft or if it applies to games for Microsoft only, and Sony has made similar promises. However, it only applies to some select games, such as the new “Spider-Man” game.

The decision to purchase new gaming devices is based on personal preferences. But the user should take into account that this type of device remains on the market for a long time, and its prices are constantly declining; So it is best to wait a while before purchasing new models.

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