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For husbands only .. How do you know that you are still in the priorities of your wife?

Regardless of the length of your marriage, the day may come when you find yourself wondering if your wife still loves you or not. Sometimes these doubts appear for no reason, or after noticing some signs of her changing towards you, but how do you make sure that she still truly cares about you as a husband, partner and lover?

Love in the time of Corona

Susan Krause Whitbourne, a professor emeritus of psychology and brain science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, says in an article on Psychologytoday that husbands may feel ignored by their wives, especially with the pressures of dealing with a pandemic. Corona and all its effects on our lives.

And she adds, “You have children who need constant supervision at home, you monitor their learning from a distance, and worry about their exposure to the virus when they go to school, or you may feel stressed due to the enormous amount of work obligations, which may make you feel impossible to return to a normal life between you and your partner.”

Even when times are tough, Whitburn says, it is still useful for your partner to listen to you just as you do. Couples can measure the response and interaction between them through 8 elements, which are listening intently, paying attention to what you think and feeling, understanding, trying to know where you are, paying attention to your needs, responding to these needs, taking your concerns seriously, and truly understanding your point of view.

Your wife’s attempt to impress you by preparing some small surprises, such as sharing food, is a sign of your interest (pixels)

Here are some signs that your partner will definitely be interested in you, according to Visihow:

She spends time with you

If your wife has some free time, she prefers to spend it with you. She offers to go for a walk together, watch a movie at the movies, or have dinner together. If you two are tired, you may even choose to watch TV with you at home. It doesn’t matter what you do, but the most important thing is that you continue to spend time together, while feeling comfortable in each other’s company.

Show her feelings

If you praise or flirt with your wife, you still see this flash in her eyes as if you were doing it for the first time, she still welcomes you with her usual smile when she sees you coming from the outside, and she is still sitting next to you on the sofa, not moving away from you, and most importantly, she does not avoid the intimate relationship .

If your wife also cares about you, she will not hide her negative feelings from you. If she is sad, she may start to cry, and she will not only cry to vent her frustration, but also to inform you that she is worried about something and needs your attention and support. These are signs of true and lasting love.

Your wife is your best friend even if you don’t want to discuss what’s bothering you (pixels)

Make an effort to impress you

If your wife is making an effort to maintain her appearance and take care of herself, she buys some new clothes, for example, and she takes care of your opinion of it and asks you if you like it or not.

You might also try to impress you by preparing some little surprises, or cooking your favorite meal after a hard day at work.

Take care of your memories with it

Rarely does a woman in love forget important dates like your birthday or your wedding anniversary. She will remind you, and perhaps you will celebrate – if possible – all your special occasions, and in the event that you get sick – God forbid – she will take care of you, give you medicines and help you as much as possible.

Care about your opinion

She never makes an important decision herself and will always consult with you, knowing that you are one team together. She’ll also take into account your opinion on things that seem basic, such as whether she should change something at home, or how she should plan for the weekend.

Offer you support

If you come back from work very disappointed, your wife will always listen and support you, and will also try to help you find a solution to your problems. Remember that in addition to being a lover and someone with whom you share their home and life, your wife is also your best friend, even if you don’t want to discuss what’s bothering you, she will still support you and make sure you know she is there for you.

Participate in your life

Do not be surprised if you ask your wife for the names of your co-workers, this is not because she does not trust you, but rather that she simply wants to participate in your life as much as possible, she wants to share your hobbies or at least try to understand it. She doesn’t have to watch soccer matches with you, but she may want to know what your favorite soccer team is. The more you get involved in your life, the more ability to understand you.

Additional tips

During the course of our daily life, we may sometimes forget to inform our husbands that we love, appreciate, and care for them, however, if you find that your wife does many of the things mentioned above, this is a good sign that she loves you and that you are still the most important person in her life, and you should also take care. Out and appreciated.

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