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For these reasons, do not rush to acquire 5G phones

Carriers and manufacturers have begun to promote the acquisition of new 5G-compatible phones, but there is reason to be careful before taking this step.

Author Boris Manente says in his report, published in the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur, that manufacturers and operators are already promoting the purchase of a smartphone compatible with the fifth generation of cellular networks, so should we give in to the temptations of marketing?

The absence of the network and uses

This should not be done, firstly because the network does not yet exist in some countries such as France that operators expect to be able to launch at Christmas, but beware of its limitations.

Should we have these phones? If you are not more expensive than 4G cellular models, and if your mobile phone is damaged, i.e. if you have no other choice, then why not.

These phones will work seamlessly with the fourth generation cellular networks, after which you will be ready to take advantage of the fifth generation cellular networks. If it is just a matter of being up to date with the latest technology, and your current mobile phone is in good condition, then the change will not be necessary, even if these smartphones include the latest technology, including the new standard for Wi-Fi, and thus promises a connection speed of up to 4 times the current speed.

Away from the network, remember that the uses of the 5G network for cellular networks have yet to be invented. The new mobile network will already allow for a faster and smoother internet connection, by drastically reducing app download time or downloading a movie.

On the other hand, we can bet on new utilities (virtual reality experiences with multiple people, or 3D visuals, for example) that are hard to anticipate today.

The environmental argument

The smartphone rush should also be reconsidered from an environmental point of view, as digital devices account for 5.2% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, according to estimates by the Green IT group.

While cell towers represent only a fraction of emissions, the fifth generation of cellular networks will have an impact through mobile devices, warns Frederic Burdag, founder of Green IT.

“We have to look at the rebound effect, that is, all the uses that 5G technology will allow, such as data-hungry video games, massive deployment of connected devices, and especially the early renewal of smartphones. The environmental impact is detrimental, not through deployment, but across the board,” says Bordag. Devices that will be purchased to take advantage of them. “

However, looking at the effects of the fourth generation of cellular networks that have already been in France since 2012, we may not be sure of the darkness of this picture, as its publication has not led to an excessive increase in smartphone sales.

According to data from the Consumer Research Association Institute, 11.4 million smartphones were sold in 2011, 13.5 million in 2012 (+ 18%), 15.8 million in 2013 (+ 17%), and 18.2 million in 2014 (+ 15%).

The shift to fourth generation cellular networks was an opportunity to change phones, and we can bet on a similar adoption of fifth generation cellular networks.

Rep. Cedric Villani says, “Let’s take advantage of the discussion on 5G cell networks to ask basic questions related to the social enterprise in relation to digital equipment, such as phones that can be repaired and recycled as much as possible. In general, let’s define the terms for clean and sustainable digital technology instead of rushing to overdo it.” exploitation of resources”.

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