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For these reasons, Macron backed away from Turkey’s threat and called Erdogan to discuss the eastern Mediterranean crisis

The researcher on Arab and Islamic affairs, Salah al-Qadri, said that the European position and NATO’s mediation in the eastern Mediterranean crisis are what prompted the French president to retreat from his threat to Turkey and his initiative to contact the Turkish president.

In statements to the program “Beyond the News” in its episode on (23/9/2020), Al-Qadri confirmed that France has adopted – since the beginning of the Turkish-Greek crisis regarding wealth in the eastern Mediterranean waters – a hardened stance from Turkey, and tried to escalate the international position against it and seek to mobilize a stance European ends to impose sanctions.

Al-Qadri explained that Macron found himself alone in this position against Turkey, at a time when the rest of the major European countries, such as Germany, Italy and Spain, adopted a position that preferred to reach a political solution between the two neighbors, away from escalation and bias towards any of the two countries.

Al-Qadri indicated that the success of NATO’s mediation in persuading Ankara and Athens – the two members of NATO – to start peaceful talks between them, came and completed pulling the rug from under Macron’s feet, who had no way in front of him other than accepting the status quo and keeping up with it, so he initiated a request to contact the Turkish President.

For his part, Turkish political analyst Omar Faruk Korkmaz confirmed that Ankara, since the beginning of the crisis, has shown its readiness for dialogue, despite its emphasis on adhering to its rights and not conceding them.

Korkmaz said that France adopted from the beginning an escalating, hostile stance towards Ankara in this crisis in a manner inconsistent with its statement that it is seeking mediation, but that the Turkish researcher confirmed that the French position was more strict than the Greek position, and that Turkey now considers that the agreement with Greece has become an easy matter. As long as the French position is resolved.

But the French analyst Francois Chauvance considered Macron’s contact with President Erdogan only after Ankara made concessions in its hardened position in the crisis with Greece, and defended the French position, stressing that Paris sought to mediate and resolve the crisis between the two neighbors by peaceful means, while realizing a lot of fallacies in the Turkish position. .

French hostility to Turkey
But why is France hostile to Turkey? Qadri responds to this question through recent statements made by Macron against the backdrop of the crisis from Greece, in which he called on Turkey to provide answers to its policies in Syria and Libya.

And here is the bottom line, according to Al-Qadri, as Paris considers that Turkey has affected its oil interests in Libya through its support for the legitimate government of reconciliation, while Paris supports the retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, according to the statements of the French Foreign Minister for more than one reliable French newspaper, and Al-Qadiri spoke about great losses incurred by Total French.

Therefore, France wanted to take advantage of the Ankara crisis with Greece to avenge the Turkish role in Libya, but the European countries and NATO thwarted Macron’s plans.

Despite France declaring its welcome to the talks that will take place between Greece and Turkey, Chuvansi emphasized that Paris does not count too much on these talks, and it still sees Ankara hardening its stances and has not made concessions to satisfy Greece or France.

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