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Foreign policy files … How do US presidential candidates view them?

Former diplomat and journalist Moufid Al Deek said that the Middle East is losing its important value to successive US administrations, noting that the region will not be on the priorities of Joe Biden if he wins the presidency.

He added – in statements to the episode (10/16/2020) of the “From Washington” program – that Biden will seek to restore respect for American foreign policy, restore the human rights file absent from its agenda, in addition to restoring the prestige of the White House, which President Donald Trump has turned into trade. Family friendly, as he described it.

He added that the policies that Trump is following at the present time have led to division with America’s most important allies around the world, and turned it into a joke, and the imposition of sanctions on Iran did not stop it but rather made it stronger, as it did not stop its expansion plans and resumed the development of its missiles, in addition to re-working its nuclear program. .

For his part, journalist and political analyst Saeed Erekat said that whoever arrives at the White House will work to change the current situation, but it must be taken into account that Biden voted with the war in Iraq, and former President Barack Obama supported the retreat from the red line in Syria, and he will work to restore the nuclear agreement Iranian.

He added that Biden would keep the US embassy in Jerusalem, and would put pressure on the Arab countries to normalize with Israel, and continued that America during the Trump era had suffered from failure in many situations, and indicated that Biden spoke clearly about the most important files in the Middle East, especially the relationship with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In turn, writer and political analyst Mac Sharqawi said that all decision-making circles in America support Israel, and changing the president does not mean changing the policy towards it, adding that Trump is the only president who implemented American decisions on everyone without hesitation.

He added that if Trump wins, he will work to change the foreign policy, foremost of which is the human rights file in cooperation with the United Nations, stressing that Trump will be decisive with all countries that violate human rights without discrimination, as he said.

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