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Forty Americans from cruise ship have coronavirus

Forty Americans from cruise ship have coronavirus

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  1. Where’s Bill Burr, now that we desperately need him!?

  2. Remember when people thought cruise ships were the place to retire so they didn’t have to deal with landed issues, or better yet when sci-fi writers thought cruise ships were the way to escape apocalyptic events. Boy were they wrong.

    On the plus side this should make for a whole new crop of movies about all the horrible scenarios that can go wrong on a cruise ship. I think a 28 days later on a cruise ship would make a fun movie.

  3. In the Spanish flu, the sick were quarantined on this one military vessel as well, but the healthy caught it by eating in the same cafeteria as the sick.

    I recall the captain allowing these cruise passengers “out of their cabins to get some air” . And in this case they’d be sharing the same plates and glasses and other kitchen items.

    Just think how impossible it would be to keep all kitchen and food items separated between things the sick already touched and things they didn’t. In a busy kitchen serving thousands of hungry people.

  4. They are studying infectivity with these cruise ships.

  5. If the virus turned people into zombies, this would make a great netflix series…

  6. Super cheap cruises incoming?

  7. Probably share the same ventilation system.
    I’d feel like i was in a petri dish if I was in one the the affected ships

  8. “Come ride the coronacruise.”

    “But I don’t have the coronavirus.”

    “Oh you will.”

  9. Dont worry, it will go away in the summer.

  10. > Also, some Americans have declined to be evacuated, preferring to wait until the ship quarantine comes to an end on 19 February.

    > Passenger Matt Smith, a lawyer, said he would not want to travel on a bus to the plane with possibly infected people.

  11. Good, now arrange them to meet and greet the President at the white house… That way at least something good would come out of this epidemic.

  12. I wonder if the Japanese government will send them a medical bill. US certainly would. No insurance? have fun!

  13. Damn. That’s like, at least 10

  14. Statistically 1-8 will die

  15. Ayy get TRUMPED. Godspeed vasectomy winners.

  16. Good. Fuck them for supporting cruise ships.

  17. Editorialised headline. If the original headline is good enough for everyone else to use, it’s good enough for you.

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