Fracking causing rise in methane emissions, study finds | Boom in the US shale gas and oil may have ignited a significant global spike in methane emissions blamed for accelerating the pace of the climate crisis. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that heats the atmosphere quicker than carbon dioxide

Fracking inflicting rise in methane emissions, research finds | Growth within the US shale fuel and oil might have ignited a big international spike in methane emissions blamed for accelerating the tempo of the local weather disaster. Methane is a potent greenhouse fuel that heats the ambiance faster than carbon dioxide

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    > Robert Howarth, the author of the paper published in the journal Biogeosciences, said the proportion of methane with a "Carbon signature" linked to traditional fossil fuels was falling relative to the rise of methane with a slightly different carbon make-up.

    > The theory would support a correlation in the rise of methane in the atmosphere and the boom in fracking across the US over the last decade.

    > "Controlling emissions from fracking, and fossil fuels in general, represents a potential policy quick fix to stemming the rise of methane still further.”

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