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France rules Google must pay news firms for content

France rules Google must pay news firms for content

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  1. My guess is they will continue to display the search result and link to the site, below any of the rich content from news sites outside of France. Same effect as being demoted in search.

  2. Am I not understanding correctly?

    As far as I understand google spiders respect robot.txt restrictions. If you don’t want google doing its thing with your content then add a block on there.

    I’m guessing though they still want to be on Google search listings…..because they get views from there…

  3. That’s just stupid. Imagine Google saying “nope” and cutting these news sites out. Those sites would die.

  4. Can someone post a link/screenie to what snippets from news stories are in discussion? Going to [news.google.com](https://news.google.com) I only get headlines. Searching for a current headline in google directly returns headlines up top and the page title + 2 sentences or so in the search results.

    This is how web search has always functioned. Google has much better algorithms and technical capabilities to spider the largest sites in seconds and update its content – in this case, Bing returned very different results for “Boris Johnson”, much more outdated news articles, but with the same amount of snipped information shown below the page title.

    I guess I’m not following what the issue is here and why Google has been singled out for this.

  5. Would be nice to see more independent news sources that aren’t aligned to political parties

  6. This is French rule, if american corps don’t like it, they could just leave.

  7. Google should pay taxes too in countries where Google is operating.

  8. This seems fucked up but I can’t explain why

  9. Break up google and amazon. Too much power

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