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France was late in announcing the incident … Two Muslim women were stabbed in front of their children at the Eiffel Tower and Al-Azhar, describing it as a terrorist act

In light of a campaign launched by the French authorities against Islamic individuals and associations under the pretext of combating “extremism” following the killing of a teacher, recent attacks and threats against Muslims and mosques have been observed.

The police and the Paris prosecutor confirmed that an investigation had been opened on charges of attempted murder, after two French Muslim women of Algerian origin were stabbed at the Eiffel Tower by two French women.

The attack took place last Sunday evening, but the authorities did not issue any statement or indication about it before Tuesday, which sparked outrage and indignation from commentators on social networks, as pictures of the crime scene were circulated.

According to details published by the French press, the two Muslim women Kenza (49 years old) and her cousin Amal – who is a few years her junior – were attacked in front of their children while they were walking around the Eiffel Tower.

The matter began with an altercation punctuated by racist insults by the two suspected women when they released their dogs without restraint towards that family, then began to repeatedly stab them while screaming, “Go back to your country,” and “O filthy Arab.”

Kenza – who was stabbed 6 times – was taken to the hospital, and it was found that she had suffered a puncture in the lung, while she underwent surgery to treat Amal’s hands.

The Paris prosecutor confirmed the arrest of two women – whose names have not been revealed – as part of an investigation for attempted murder.

Al-Azhar deplores

On Wednesday, the Al-Azhar Foundation in Egypt issued a statement strongly condemning the attack on the two women, describing it as a “abhorrent terrorist incident.”

Al-Azhar affirmed its “firm and rejection of these brutal attacks, and of all killings, regardless of the religion of the perpetrator or the victim,” calling on everyone to adopt “the same positions of rejection and condemnation of all terrorist operations without regard to the religion of the perpetrator or the victim.”

The statement stressed that “the duplication in dealing with terrorist incidents according to the perpetrator’s religion is a shameful and shameful matter, and creates an atmosphere of congestion between followers of religions.”

Threatening mosques

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Gerald Darmannan said that he had asked local authorities to place mosques in the cities of Bordeaux and Beziers (southwest) under police protection after they were subjected to threats or violence.

The minister wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that “such actions are not acceptable on the land of the republic.”

“France Blue” radio reported – on its website late on Tuesday evening – that officials of the Al-Rahma Mosque in Beziers had filed a complaint with the police after receiving hate messages on Facebook, including a call to burn the mosque.

The radio station displayed a message on Facebook – subsequently deleted – calling for the honor of the French teacher who was killed on Friday by burning the Bezier mosque.

Islamic activist arrested

On the other hand, the French Press Agency reported that Idriss Yamou, the president and founder of the Islamic “Baraka City” association, was arrested under investigation yesterday, Wednesday, on suspicion of “harassing” a former journalist in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on the Internet.

Idris Yamou – known as “Idris Si Hamdi” – came Wednesday morning to the Judicial Police in Paris to question him in a complaint filed by Zainab Al-Razwi, who was working for that magazine, which published several times insulting cartoons of the noble Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Muslims in France are now complaining of growing hostility against them (European)

Si Hamdi was arrested last week as part of another investigation into Internet harassment, after a complaint filed on September 18th, another journalist working for Radio Monte Carlo, Zahra Bitan.

In this first case, he was released and placed under judicial supervision on 15 October, and will appear before the Evry Criminal Court in the Paris region on the fourth of December.

Si Hamdi’s summons on Wednesday came the day the French government began measures to dissolve his association.

His lawyer, Sameem Pollaki, told the French Press Agency, “The circumstances of this procedure, its precise timing, and the 5-day deadline to respond to the observations about Baraka Siti’s solution are not a coincidence.”

He added that the matter is “definitely political, and this is what we condemn.”

Activists among the Muslims of France – who number more than 5 million people – complain of increasing anti-Muslims due to the new campaign launched by the authorities in recent days against individuals, mosques and Islamic societies.

The new campaign came after the killing of a teacher in the suburbs of Paris, last Friday, by a Chechen boy, who was later wanted by the police.

The teacher had shown his students cartoons offensive to the noble Prophet to open a discussion about freedom of expression, he said.

Teacher issue

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Sorbonne University Square in Paris witnessed an official national honor for the murdered teacher, Samuel Patti, and President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech in which he praised what he described as the teacher’s courage, and said that he was killed because he represented the values ​​of freedom and republic embodied in the French school, as he put it.

On the other hand, the French anti-terrorism prosecutor announced Wednesday night that it had charged 7 people in the case of the dead teacher.

The prosecution clarified that it had charged Ibrahim Shanina, the father of the student, who was accused of publishing videos calling for revenge against his daughter’s teacher, and the Islamic preacher Abdul Hakim al-Safriwi, and two friends of the murderer, “Na`im. When a third friend of the murderer named “Youssef S.” was charged with “forming a gang of terrorist villains with the aim of committing crimes against persons.”

All of them were held in pretrial detention, with the exception of Shanina, who was kept under arrest pending a decision on his pretrial detention or his release on bail.

As for the two 14-year-old and 15-year-old students, who were suspected by the authorities that they had received money from the killer to guide him to the teacher, the Public Prosecution charged them with “conspiracy to commit a crime related to a terrorist group,” and released them, but kept them under judicial control.

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