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French riot police ‘spray tear gas’ in faces of seated Extinction Rebellion activists

French riot police ‘spray tear gas’ in faces of seated Extinction Rebellion activists

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  2. >In Britain, teargas use is heavily restricted, and never used indiscriminately against crowds containing men, women and children, as happens in France.
    >as happens in France.

    Seems like an appropriate way to end an article.

  3. It’s not news to anybody in France. Teargas is often used in legit nonviolent protests against activists. Either when they are protesting or even after they’ve been arrested when their hands are bound and they are in transit to jail. They use it as a detterent and to teach a lesson. Similar things happen in many other countries but it’s especially more prevalent in France where they also use far more dangerous tactics. They use teargas bombs. There is a very specific proper way of using them to avoid injuries. But injuries are part of their deterent effects and many peoples have lost hands, eyes or even their life during an ‘accident’. If you choose to protest in France you should know the risks.

    P.S. : French police has a very bad reputation among european protesters as being one of the worst in Western Europe. It’s not the results of a few bad apples. It’s tacitly accepted and encouraged in higher levels. Of course all french police is not like that. But even with regular policemen, comming from Belgium, one know not to joke around with french policemen.

  4. Just go to the r/France subreddit and you’ll see a collection of police brutality videos. Just yesterday I saw a video of the riot police trying to break the hand of a protestor they’d already subdued. Police brutality happens anywhere there’s police.

    For the curious: flic essaie de péter la main d’une personne immobilisée au sol. (Rennes) (cop tried to break the hand of a subdued person on the ground in Rennes)


  5. Oh hey, they’re pulling a move right out of the UC Davis Police Department playbook!

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8007581/French-riot-police-spray-TEAR-GAS-faces-seated-Extinction-Rebellion-activists.html) reduced by 81%. (I’m a bot)
    > French riot police are today facing investigation for spraying peaceful Extinction Rebellion protesters in the face with tear gas.

    > 'The riot police turned up, and one of them took out a can of tear gas and began attacking us with it.

    > There was no immediate comment from the CRS.It was a repeat on an incident in Paris last June when police from the same unit – the Republican Security Companies – again used chemical agents on Extinction Rebellion demonstrators.

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  7. “Riot Police” are not supposed to promote riots but disrupt them. Perhaps they could use some remedial training and new leadership.

  8. In the UC Davis case in 2011 that cop was way closer when he sprayed student protesters with pepper gas. The weird thing was the students got $30,000 each while the thug cop got $38,000 for the psychological damage of being accused of being a bad cop.

  9. This looks familiar. As though I have seen this exact scenario. Maybe played out at a collage perhaps.

  10. Christ check out the c*nts in the comments.

  11. > Teargas is classed as a chemical weapon, and is actually banned from warzones, in line with international agreements.

    So peacefull protesters and children in France have less protection than enemy combatants in a warzone?

  12. It’s funny how climate protestors get less upvotes than articles on the yellow vest protestors, and France using teargas is less popular than the Hong Kong police using it.

    Makes you wonder if all those bias people say this place has are all made up.

  13. In the video, the protesters are chanting “riot force, go easy on us, we’re doing this for your kids”. While being sprayed tear gas…
    This is so messed up. To think France used to be the spearhead of human rights…

  14. Authoritarianism isn’t going to persuade them to change their position that, the planet, first and foremost, needs saving. It will only fuel the movement and energize their cause.
    Their is a necessary revolution brewing around the world.

  15. This looks super familiar. Almost like it happened in America…

  16. It’s always strikes me a curious that the police can spray you in the face with chemicals yet if you spray the police in the face with chemicals they’ll lock you up

  17. good, tear gas these wankers.

  18. I wonder how these pigs sleep at night.

  19. that’s fucked up, but is nobody going to mention they were trying to stop an airport?

  20. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

  21. The Daily Mail doesn’t give a shit about this, it all about making the French (and the EU) look bad. If the UK police did it against XR they would find some way to justify it.

    I see they didn’t report on this :


  22. The police did the same thing to our kids in Berkeley, four or five years ago!

  23. Fuck linking to the Daily Mail.
    For all their “isn’t this shocking” tone, they’re posting this because they know their readers *hate* climate change activists, and will be delighted this happened, as proved by every one of the comments under the story.

  24. Just answered my own question, yes, the protestors were blocking the entrance to the airport. I have no problem with the use of teargas here. Protest all you want but when you block other people from going about their daily activity, too bad.

    Are the police just supposed to let the city come to a standstill to accommodate these protestors? No concern at all for people trying to get on flights? Perhaps they are trying to get home or go on vacations that had been planned for months or years in advance.

    I’m sorry but I have no pity for these protestors.

    Commence downvoting.

  25. They are blocking the entrance to an airport I understand the right to protest, but god these fucking idiots need to learn how to protest without impeding others who are trying work and get through their lives other people struggling and trying to get through the day don’t appreciate you messing with their schedules in this way

    *making ordinary people late cause your mad at a corporation is no way to spread a message especially if a job is on the line*

    Edit: if japanese bus drivers can protest and fuck over their bosses without stopping transportation and ruining other people’s lives I’m pretty sure france could think up something similar

  26. Lots of people getting downvoted pointing out that the protesters were shutting down an airport, so I’ll weigh in and get downvoted, too.

    I don’t think it’s acceptable for protestors who are part of some death cult, and who have some extremely suspect beliefs to be allowed to wreck the holidays of the best part of the 10,000 people who pass through Chambery airport on a weekend in ski season (almost every person in that airport this weekend is on a ski holiday).

    The police went over the top, and this sort of thing should be discouraged, but so should “protests” by people who believe all humans are going to be dead in a couple of decades, and from a group which has primary goals that are NOT related to the climate, and is just using it as a shield.

    “Protestors”: Stop targetting ordinary people, and target politicians, or we’ll all hate you.

    For the record I’m in FAVOUR of a carbon tax on many activities including air travel.

  27. The comments on this article surprised me. In 20 years time, we’re going to look back on how we treated climate activists with shame.

  28. French police are arseholes, more breaking news at 10.

  29. In this situation, the rear gas was used not just against the men, but the women and children too!

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