Home / news / French ski resort closes mid-season as it sees ‘no snow’ for second year running – Mildest winter in a century continues a worrying trend

French ski resort closes mid-season as it sees ‘no snow’ for second year running – Mildest winter in a century continues a worrying trend

French ski resort closes mid-season as it sees ‘no snow’ for second year running – Mildest winter in a century continues a worrying trend

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  2. As a Dutch citizen, I can tell you that it isn’t winter yet. It’s still autumn.

  3. Almost everyone in finance scoffs and rolls their eyes when I voice that climate change will have significant impacts on businesses of every industry.

    It’s disconcerting to say the least.

  4. Germany checking in. It was basically just late fall weather through January and now it’s practically spring already. No snow beyond instantly melting dust. 4 months of straight bullshit dark wetness. The Christmas market wasn’t even fun this year and I usually love it because who wants to walk around in cold rain and mud? Climate change sucks.

  5. Can confirm. Small town in Switzerland here. Usually heaps of snow around this time of the year. This winter: Still no snow.
    The glacier retreat I have seen in the Alps has worried me a lot in the past years. Many mountains I remember from my childhood that were just snowy giants all through the year now only have a small residue of snow left. This freaks me out a lot when I think about what I got to experience and what little of it we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

  6. Sweden near Stockholm we had one day of snow and it lasted just a few hour I would say.
    usually Nov/Dec is almost 30 days of feet deep snow.
    this is not naturally.
    same crap snow last year.

  7. Switzerland here, normally we expect 2 or 3 occasions of sitting snow where I live. We’ve had nothing all winter, it only snowed once for a couple hours.

    Most ski resorts here were very dry still going into the beginning of this month. This is it. We’re seeing it.

  8. It’s almost as if the climate was changing. /s

  9. NYC had no winter this year. We just skipped it. No snow (nothing that accumulated or stuck) … no stretch of cold or even bitter cold. Just nothing. Quite odd.

  10. Here in Delaware, US we had 1/2″ of snow fall in total so far, 50-60°F weeks with the lows in the 30-40s.

    WTF is summer going to be?!

  11. Here in Hokkaido the snow has been pretty shite. Sapporo had to lug snow from further locations than usual for the snow festival this year.

  12. 24m living in Canada Saskatchewan.

    When I was a kid I remember building forts / tunnels in my front lawn and in the park across the street. Snow these days could barely make a decent snowman.

    Shit is crazy

  13. See you in r/abandonedporn!

  14. Northern Michigan here. Lake Michigan hasn’t been this high in over 25 years. To many melts throughout this winter and last. Beaches are gone, lots of towns and homes are damaged.

    Traverse Bay hasn’t frozen over once this year, and the city is suffering over 1 mil in damage currently from the high water levels. Not to mention all the homes on the water that are flooded.

    Its been wild, and kinda scary honestly. Watching the scenery change so drastically within 2-3 years.

  15. *knock knock* Canada here, we got some extra snow here and either, my people don’t know how to drive in snowy conditions, or they like to be 100m indicators

  16. Almost no snow on the eastern USA this year

  17. That’s the problem, it’s all about business and money and that’s what will cause us as humans to die out. Good.

  18. Time to learn how to surf.

  19. I live in SW Ontario, and am used to seeing snowmobilers criss crossing the roads.

    The last few years, in order to get an sledding done people have to plan and go more north for a trip, instead of just jumping on and going to the nearest local trail.

  20. I’m near Geneva. THe ski resort 10 minutes from me won’t have opened this year due to no snow.

    Last week it was 15C!

  21. Idiots like Trump, evil Winnie The Pooh and Bolsonaro remain in power

  22. In northern Poland the winter has been shit as well. It snowed twice where I live. Both times it started snowing early in the morning, and by noon all of it was already gone because the temp went above zero and it just started raining instead. It’s been shitty – wet, dark, windy, sad and ugly

    Same story last year, I basically haven’t seen proper snow on the ground for 2 years now.

  23. Pennines in the north of England here. Although we’re normally milder than a lot of Europe we’d have a least a few covering snowfalls. First one of the season this week and even then it was sleet and hail at low levels only a bit of a covering on the top of the hills.
    Possibly heading for the most snowless winter for the past 25 years.

  24. No,no,no it’s just the transition of going out of the little ice age. Definitely has NOTHING to do with human activity. /s

  25. No snow over here in Korea either. Last year too. It might have dusted once, but this year it has rained 6 or more times. One time, it rained for 2 days non stop. It literally downpoured yesterday for 10plus hours. It has felt like Fall or early spring all winter.

  26. I went to Austria for Christmas and New Year, and I could see the snow on the mountains, but it wasn’t what I expected. I’ve seen images posted recently and they are talking Spring. Very sad 🙁

  27. I was in Arosa, Switzerland, three weeks ago. It was +5°C in the shade at 1800m altitude by the end of January. I think it was even warmer at some times this winter. In the train I overheard some rednecks say that it is at least ten degrees too warm.

    Last winter, they had loads of snow, yet it was still too warm. This winter was rather dry in terms of snowfall so far. I am no climatologist but the long term trend of warmer average temperature with stronger intermittent weather extremes becomes clearer by the day and almost everyone recognises it.

  28. a lot of resorts have gone out of business already and rely on snow machines and its getting worse where only the super rich resorts can afford the amount of snow machines required.

    found it: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/19/snow-machines-fleece-blankets-inside-ski-industry-battle-with-climate-change-alpine-resorts

    >Warm winters had occurred before the mid-1980s, Robert Steiger, an economist and tourism researcher at the University of Innsbruck, told me, “but at that time Alpine communities had not been so dependent on ski tourism.” Today, 95% of Italian, 70% of Austrian, 65% of French and half of Swiss ski resorts are reliant on snow machines for their continued survival, according to estimates from Claus Dangel, CEO of Bächler, a snow-machine maker that supplies more than 200 resorts across the Alps.

    >This technology comes at a major financial and ecological cost. Today, one in every 20 euros spent anywhere in Val d’Isère goes into the snow factory, covering energy costs, staffing, maintenance and upgrades (a hidden “artificial snow” tax that is continually increasing). Although snow machines are becoming increasingly efficient, a typical snowmaker still uses about the same amount of energy as a boiler in a family home. When multiplied into the tens of thousands across the Alps, snowmakers become something of a self-defeating invention: they worsen and sustain the climate problems they’re supposed to solve.

    >And yet, for life in the Alps as we’ve come to know it, they remain essential. Steiger’s most recent simulations suggest that unless every ski resort in the Alps installs state-of-the-art snowmaking facilities like the ones Mattis operates at Val d’Isère, by the 2050s up to half will no longer be able to sustain their businesses. Only the wealthiest resorts, like Val d’Isère – where chalets can sell for more than €23,000 per sq metre, five times the average cost of property in London’s most expensive borough, Kensington and Chelsea – are able to make the necessary investments to continually update and retool their snow-making facilities.

  29. Australia will open new coal plants to curb this issue

  30. Quick, someone resurrect Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye!

  31. I’m in Munich this winter… coming from Australia. I’ve had colder days in Australia during the winter than I have here… think the coldest it has been during the day was -5…. it didn’t even snow.

  32. Last year was even more noticeable than this one.

    In New England, the temperature has been in constant flux between 15-60F since November with snow only lasting a few days. It’s been raining constantly since the beginning January, which would be unheard of when I was a little kid.

    I remember when I was little, the piles on the roadside from the plows would stay until April some years. School recess was held indoors often because there was too much snow for children to safely play in it.

    The local sledding hill in my hometown was barren over Christmas when I visited my family. We used to be part of the mob of hundreds of children at once there when my sister and I went in elementary school.

    I snowboard, and local mountains are all dying out and severely lack snowfall. If you want to ski or snowboard, you can only really go to Vermont. I wish I had the time to do so.

    It’s tremendously sad.

  33. I live within driving distance of the glorious hills we call the Pocono Mountains…I used to go skiing a few times a year, now I’m a dad and I haven’t taken my kids to learn yet, partly because I assume there just won’t be a worthwhile ski season anymor.e

  34. Global warming hits some people harder than others. Could you imagine having your ski vacation canceled because of something like this?

  35. Because incomes of people who work there rely on the tourists coming in they would normally bring in the artificial snow. But maybe it has become too mild for that too.

    By the 2009-2010 ski season, it is estimated that around 88% of ski resorts belonging to the National Ski Areas Association were using artificial snow to supplement natural snowfall.

    As the use of artificial snow becomes more common and efficient, developers may seek to build new or expand existing ski resorts, as was the case with the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort. Such an action could cause significant deforestation, the loss of fragile and rare ecosystems, and cultural opposition. The high costs associated with the production of artificial snow serve as a barrier to entry for its use.

    It was estimated that in 2008 it cost approximately US$131,000 to purchase a snow gun and develop the necessary infrastructure.

    Overall, approximately US$61 million have been invested in snowmaking technology in the French Alps.

    Furthermore, 50% of the average American ski resort’s energy costs are generated by the production of artificial snow.

  36. It’s okay, the super rich will just use a bunch of jet fuel to fly somewhere else.

  37. Hey guys, we have some spare 30 to 50cm of snow in Canada. Feel free to come get it. 5$ only.

    No delivery!

  38. A guy who used to run Scotlands only sled dog centre had to close a few years ago after decades of winter tourism. I went myself when I was younger.
    He said he used to be able to train the dogs most of the year, now he can only train them 3 months a year because over a certain temperature it is dangerous to run them, as they over heat.
    Kinda sad, he had to sell a lot ot his dogs to folks in the USA.

  39. Super mild winter up here in New England, too. We haven’t had ANY decently-accumulating snow yet; our biggest snow was like, 3 inches, back in November of last year. No snow since then other than light flurries here and there. It’s the middle of February and we’re having days where it’s 45 degrees and raining. What the actual fuck is going on.

  40. As someone who lives for cold weather, this worries me a lot. The worst part is where I live, all the old farts think it’s wonderful. Meanwhile 3/4 of my dad’s beehives have died because the warm weather tricked them into thinking it was time to go forage.

  41. Here in Murcia (south east Spain) we are having spring like weather in the middle of February. The climate has totally changed already. We suffered heavy rains in the past few months, while normally this region is dry. Record high waves in the Mediterranean. And in 2017 it snowed. It never snows in the valley where Murcia is.

  42. Went to sun valley a couple years ago for New Years and was shocked upon arriving to learn that the mountain had literally no snow other than the little bit they were making artificially to keep a few lifts open. It was like something out of the nightmares I used to have as a kid, where I would get to the top of a mountain ready to ski down and all the snow had disappeared.

  43. Friend of mine’s Family is currently sking in french alps, and it is snowing as f…

  44. Welcome to Climate Change. Expect these trends to continue and get worse.

  45. So we have decided on suicide as a species. This system will correct itself, I just hope I’m dead before the big movement happens. We are on the precipice of a suffering that there is no historical context for.

  46. we’ve gotten basically no snow in Boston this winter… by this time I can usually bank on a few snow days to cancel classes when I have tests lol

  47. I live in the western US and have visited four ski resorts on this side of the country so far this year. All dry with low snow coverage as well. It’s really sad to think that a sport so special to me all my life could potentially not be accessible or anywhere on the planet at all much longer 🙁

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