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From inside the presidential car, Trump is leaving the hospital to greet his supporters, wearing a muzzle

US President Donald Trump said that he got out of Walter Reed Military Hospital in his car to greet his supporters, and a video clip shared on social media showed Trump in the presidential car and wearing a muzzle.

Trump was soon back in the presidential ward of the hospital after his short tour.

Trump said in a video clip on Twitter that he learned a lot from the Corona virus, directly. He added that he had received a wonderful report from the medical team and thanked them “for the wonderful work they have done.”

The Wall Street Journal revealed that President Trump learned of his infection with Corona after a quick examination before his interview with Fox News.

However, according to the same newspaper, Trump did not announce that he had Corona after a quick examination and requested a re-examination.

Sean Conley, the doctor overseeing the treatment of the US President, said that the medical team is satisfied with his health condition and cautiously optimistic, and that the coming days will be crucial in determining his condition.

The medical team confirmed – in a statement – that Trump has completed a second dose of the drug “Remdesivir”, indicating that he is not yet suffering from a fever, but he has not completely overcome the health problems due to the virus, and that he does not need additional oxygen, and he has not been placed. On a respirator.

But US media earlier quoted White House chief of staff Mark Meadows – who seemed less optimistic – as saying that the next 48 hours will be crucial for Trump’s situation.

But he made it clear that the president moves in the hospital and is not bedridden, and asks for documents to review, and that he met him several times on Saturday.

In what appears to be a steady decline in Trump’s popularity, a poll for the Wall Street Journal and NBC News of the Americas showed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of the president by 14 percentage points. In a poll, while another poll revealed that Trump’s infection with Corona did not bring much sympathy to him.

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