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From the fire of war to the mudding of the camps … the tents of the displaced in Idlib are flooded with mud

Camp residents in northwestern Syria issued a distress call in order to provide urgent assistance to families who lost or damaged their tents after the wave of rain that hit the area and led to the sinking and destruction of a number of displaced tents.

The “Syrian Response Coordinators” organization said that there is a significant weakness in the humanitarian response in the affected camps, and that the depression that hits the area is expected to intensify during the next two days, which threatens to worsen the tragedy of the displaced.

Al-Jazeera camera monitored part of the suffering of the displaced in the Corniche camp in Maarat Misrin, north of Idlib, where the internal roads of the camp sank and the tents were severely damaged.

The displaced complained about the weak relief response by humanitarian organizations, and the displacement of families as a result of the tents flooding.

Millions of displaced people suffer from the problem of their tents sinking due to the heavy rains, in addition to the muddy nature on which the tents are built.

Media professionals also broadcast new videos of the tents flooding with rainwater, amid appeals from residents and complaints about the state of helplessness they live in after they fled the reality of bombing and death to the suffering and tragedy in the camps.

Since the beginning of January, torrential rains have fallen on the camps for the displaced in Idlib countryside, causing mud to form and damage to tents.

During the past years, millions of civilians have fled to areas near the Turkish-Syrian border, after the regime bombed their cities, where hundreds of thousands of families were forced to live in tents after they were unable to secure homes to shelter them.

These camps suffer from a lack of infrastructure, as well as turning into puddles of mud during the winter season, as rainwater seeps into the tents after their fabrics are worn out due to the summer heat.

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