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Georgia recount proves Biden win, Trump calls Republican lawmakers in Michigan

The final results of the recount in Georgia showed that Democratic candidate Joe Biden maintained his lead over his rival Donald Trump, at a time when the New York Times reported on a scenario to reverse the election results in Michigan.

And authorities in Georgia announced that the manual recount of the votes in the presidential elections that took place on November 3, confirmed the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

And US media said that after the state’s vote recount, President-elect Joe Biden was confirmed ahead of his rival Donald Trump by 12,284 votes.

With this, Biden officially becomes the first Democratic candidate to win a presidential election in this southern state in nearly three decades, despite claims by his Republican rival, outgoing President Donald Trump, that the election was marred by widespread fraud.

Trump’s campaign has paid $ 3 million to the Wisconsin Election Commission to begin a partial recount of votes, and the campaign called for a recount in Milwaukee counties and Dan, claiming electoral irregularities in those areas.

Biden won in Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes, receiving 49.5% of the vote to 48.8% for Trump.

Trump’s lawyers announced in a press conference in Washington that the judicial battle against what they described as widespread fraud in the elections in a number of states continues, and that it requires more time, but Democrats doubt that these efforts will lead to any change in the results.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney at the press conference (French)

Scenario for reversing results

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump has extended invitations to Republican lawmakers in Michigan to attend a meeting with him on Friday at the White House.

The newspaper said that Trump called the leader of the Republican majority in Michigan to direct these invitations, according to well-informed sources.

She stated that some members of Trump’s team are promoting scenarios to upset the results of Republican-controlled legislatures undermining the results of the vote and sending supporters of Trump to the electoral college.

Trump has filed legal appeals in several states, claiming without evidence that he is the legitimate winner in the elections, while his administration refuses to acknowledge that Biden is the winner and obstructs his transition team’s access to funding and office space, and prevents him from receiving confidential statements.

Preparations for a vote recount in Wisconsin (French)


On the other hand, a judge rejected a Republican-backed lawsuit aimed at preventing Arizona state officials from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state, in another legal setback for President Donald Trump and his allies.

Phoenix state judge John Hana said he turned down an Arizona Republican request for an injunction barring the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors from certifying the county results, where most of Arizona’s residents live.

The Edison Research Center reported that Democrat Joe Biden defeated Trump by more than 10,000 votes in Arizona, one of the states he seized to win the race to the White House after winning 306 votes in the electoral college against 232 for Trump.

Trump lost another court battle on Thursday but this time in Pennsylvania, a judge rejected a separate lawsuit filed by his campaign to nullify nearly 2,200 votes in Bucks County, near Philadelphia, for alleged wrongdoing.

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