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German Chancellor Angela Merkel tests negative for coronavirus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tests negative for coronavirus

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  1. That’s a relief. Not that it means she won’t get it, but you want your leaders to be at their best in a time such as this.

  2. She was in close contact with a positive person on Friday. She still has to remain in quarantine. She still can turn out to be positive.

    Hopefully not though, stay safe Mutti

  3. So, I’m seeing lots of focus on “test positive/test negative” news stories on popular figures.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does it matter if they test negative? Doesn’t that only mean “tested negative at time of test”, and they could get it at any point going forward anyways?

    Seeing lots of responses being people relieved acting like they can’t still get it, but isn’t that false?

  4. The first test.
    A lot of reports show that the test only detects a virus after a certain time, because the levels are too low

  5. Meanwhile, Brazilian president has tested negative for president.

  6. Even if she turns out to test positive later on, it’s needless to say she’s probably being monitored from early on and will get the best of cares.

    I’m not German, but I admire her as the person and leader she is. It seems she never let power alienate her from reality, which is a lot when you take a look at other world leaders.

    Hopefully, she’ll be alright and help her country through this.

  7. Glad she wasn’t infected.
    She is one of the only conservative leaders that shows conservative leadership can be science based, compassionate, intelligent and professional and lead with integrity.

  8. Serious question to any Germans here. Is everyone cool with how long Merkel has been in power? I’ve heard mostly great things about her, but being so used to term limits it just seems odd to me

    Edit* term limits for the executive I should say

  9. That’s good news for her and us all.

  10. Angela Merkel is a fighter, and I wish all of my neighbouring germans the best of luck!

  11. It’s good to know that the leader of the free world is safe.

  12. Well, that’s good news. To have a leader of an economic power such as Germany contaminated would have added even more uncertainty at a time when we need a minimum of certainty.

  13. Let’s fucking go, Mutti!

    I always criticized her the recent years but the current managemebt of the crisis in our country could have been way worse considering the catastrophic potential it has when we look at Italy who aren’t that far away from us.

  14. Finally some decent good news for me to cling to. Like life threw me a bar in Tetris

  15. Good god, stay healthy.

    Someone has to keep this world in some type of working order.

  16. Finally some positive news!

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