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German newspaper criticizes Mesut Ozil for the Turkish anthem

The star Mesut Ozil infuriated the Germans after his last appearance with the Turkish team Fenerbahce, which has been playing with its ranks since the last winter transfer period.

Ozil appeared on the screen chanting the Turkish national anthem before the match, which ended yesterday with Fenerbahce’s loss to Goztepe 1-0, and the Turkish anthem is usually chanted before all league matches there.

The shot did not go unnoticed in the German newspapers, as Bild criticized Ozil strongly, and linked his performance of the Turkish anthem to his refusal to perform the German anthem while he was with the national team.

“Ozil was not known before as a great singer. On the contrary, he was always silent at the moment the national anthem was played. And when the others were singing, his mouth was closed,” the German newspaper wrote.

“Bild” had previously published reports since Ozil joined Fenerbahce, in which she wondered if the player of Turkish origin would perform the anthem with his new team, and the opportunity came in yesterday’s match to launch her attack on Ozil, who is crowned Germany with the 2014 World Cup title.

Ozil said in previous statements that he does not repeat the (German) anthem because he is busy praying during that period, and he believes that this gives him confidence and strength to play matches.

Ozil played 92 matches for the German national team and scored 23 goals, and chose to retire from international football after the 2018 World Cup, and spoke of his exposure to racism.

The Turkish-born star faced great criticism from the German press because of his photo with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the 2018 World Cup.

Ozil joined Fenerbahce on a 3-season contract, after months of staying away from competition due to a dispute with Spanish coach Michael Arteta at his former club Arsenal.

Ozil has not contributed to any goal in the 5 matches he has played so far with Fenerbahce, who is ranked second in the Turkish League, with Besiktas with 51 points, 3 points away from leaders Galatasaray.

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