Germany: Far-right offenses rise in 2019. Neo-Nazis and other far-right groups have committed 8,605 crimes in 2019 so far. The rise of anti-migrant and neo-Nazi groups has alarmed the authorities

Germany: Far-right offenses rise in 2019. Neo-Nazis and different far-right teams have dedicated 8,605 crimes in 2019 up to now. The rise of anti-migrant and neo-Nazi teams has alarmed the authorities

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  1. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 79%. (I’m a bot)
    > According to German public broadcaster ARD, the actual number of such crimes could be significantly higher as state police officials often classify right-wing offenses as non-political in their initial reports.

    > In June, Germany's domestic intelligence service recorded a small rise in the number of far-right extremists and the number of far-right violent crimes in 2018.

    > While the overall number of right-wing extremist crimes dropped by 0.3% in 2018, the number of violent crimes committed by known right-wing extremists rose by 3.2%, according to the report.

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  2. Given that only about 300 of these far right crimes are violent, and given the fact that migrants have lead to an increase of thousands of robberies, assaults, and rapes, the fact that politicians are worried about the former, rather than the latter, tells you a lot about German politics.

  3. Turns out it isn’t just migrants that don’t always integrate into western society. It’s also pretty much the entire so-called “alt-right” and the far right.

  4. I wanted to write a sophisticated post about the dangers of denying or downplaying crimes committed by or the general danger of far-right groups, which seems to have been the case in Germany for some time, but this is reddit, so … F_CK NAZIS!

  5. Europeans were so scared of brown people that they decided to be friendly to nazi is hilarious. I remember all the “immigrants invasion reddit post” and knew the nazi disease will spread. Now whenever you meet a stranger there is a high chance that he supports nazi behavior.

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