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Germany mass shooting: Man who shot nine dead at Hanau shisha bars was far-right, confession letter reveals

Germany mass shooting: Man who shot nine dead at Hanau shisha bars was far-right, confession letter reveals

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  2. Apparently after committing his terror attack killing 9 innocent people this guy went home shot his mother and then himself.

    What an asshole.

  3. RIP to those nine people just going out to enjoy themselves.

  4. This is a terrorist attack right?

  5. As a german watching some german news videos about this on youtube is so depressing. At least the early reporting where the motivation was unclear and the nationality of the suspect had not been named.

    1/3 of the comments are along the lines of “Whats the nationatlity?” “Media not mentioning the nationality, guess why?” “Shisha bar and no mention of nationality”.

  6. From what the German press summarizes the video, its a full-on Q-Anon, wake up Americans, deep state, underground child rape rant.

  7. The shooter referenced “american secret societies”, “satanic rituals” and “child molestation in underground facilities”.

    To me, it seems like it has connections to QAnon or Pizzagate.

  8. It’s not just Bild, real news sources have confirmed this story.

  9. Conspiracy nuts calling it a false flag in 1, 2…

  10. This is a disaster that these young people had to give their lifes.

    I was on shift in a hospital that received one of the shot men. It’s a tragedy. My condolences to the families.

    Good to see that the police already found the guy who did this.

  11. This is so fucked up. I literally live about 10 minutes away fron Hanau in a small town called Maintal. When the shooting started I was at a friends house that is only 5 minutes away and we even considered going to a hookah bar to watch the champions league match. We often do that, for whatever reason we didn’t feel like it yesterday.

  12. Nazis need to be dealt with.

  13. And the local government in Hessen is currently running a campaign for teachers warning against the dangers of leftist autonomists. You could not make this shit up.

  14. Far-Right Christian shoots up a mosque, Far-Right Atheist shoots dead 70 Norwegian Children, Far-Right Muslim plows through a crowd.

    Remember folks: The Far-Right being responsible for almost every modern terrorist attack is a complete coincidence.

  15. Man, that’s sick. Killed his mother and himself too. Coward. It’s unfortunate the victim’s families will never have the satisfaction of him meeting his true justice. Prayers to the victim’s families.

  16. The guy appears to have been a huge trump fan, according to his manifesto.

    News-Link in German, use google translate:

    He is also a big fan of a whole bunch of right-wing conspiracy theories that have been around since the early days of the internet.

  17. It’s really nice that BBC, independent, mail, telegraph and express are tripping over themselves to avoid to call him what he is; a terrorist

  18. what a surprise…. fucking terrorists

  19. Im really pleased that theres no mention of this terrorist’s name in this thread. *(It may still be too early to even release)* Please, whatever you do, do not spread this man’s name as it is almost like spreading his message. Let his name burn with his soul *(or lack thereof)* in hell.

  20. The real terrorists were the incells we met along the way.

  21. Wonder what his Reddit username is…

  22. Welcome to the globalisation of right wing terror. How ironic.

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