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Germany ramps up coronavirus tests to 500,000 a week

Germany ramps up coronavirus tests to 500,000 a week

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  1. Is this why their deaths are so low compared to tested infects, compared to other countries. Remind me, how many is the UK doing a week now – any one know?

  2. South Korean model right here and it works.

  3. so from 12k a day to about 71k a day. Not bad. However that means that the new cases will go up again.

    I hope we get confirmation about this from RKI. There are a lot of wrong infos going around.

  4. >During a news conference Wednesday evening, President Trump said: “We don’t have to test the entire state in the Middle West or wherever they may be. We don’t have to test the entire state. I think it’s ridiculous. A lot of those states could go back [to work] right now, and they probably will.”

    I think he could learn a valuable lesson from Germany (or, at any rate, I wish he would).


  5. The US, a nation of 327m, has performed less tests total than Germany, a nation of 83m, is performing per week. And we’re supposed to be the greatest nation on earth.

    Edit: I am very much aware that the US isn’t the “greatest nation on earth” – it’s a broken metric to begin with – so you’re preaching to the choir in the replies. That’s just the narrative that’s been perpetuated during my lifetime here in the US.

  6. And Canada has a backlog of 10k….What a joke…

  7. On BBC news today in the UK there was the question, can I get tested for Covid19.

    The answer: No.

    If that doesn’t tell you not to believe any of these crack ass number online I dont know what I can say.

    They ain’t testing people, so ignore the XX people have it in your area, the reality is we have no idea how many people have this in the world. I think is higher than most countries are reporting way higher. We know though it’s in almost every country in the world and its deadly. How deadly (which so many people on here are arguing about) no idea I dont think well ever know now.

  8. Meanwhile in Spain, we just got about 10k after a month. Policemen and soldiers are being tested whereas pharmacists, outpatients personnel and geriatric personnel are not.

  9. Good luck with getting testet if you Show symptoms and want to be testet. My sister showed symptoms last week tuesday (fever and dry cough) we tryed to get her tested day 1 but our GP had no idea how to write the tranfer for her to get testet by the Health Departement. Luckily me and the boyfriend of my sister could take off from work to self quarantine, after 4 days the symptoms had changed, the fever got away and the cough wasn’t dry anymore but still no test our GP said can’t be corona. I don’t know if the diagnosis is from our GP or the Health Departement. We also could have get her testet day 1 without a transfer but that would have been 250€ we would have to pay.

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