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Germany responds to Trump: Huawei has no back door, but Cisco has 10

Germany responds to Trump: Huawei has no again door, however Cisco has 10

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  1. EU just needs own electronics producers at home.

  2. Canada News Agency, “Canada’ s leading English news agency”. Share links are all to chinese social media. Articles on the right hand side cut short, and all articles relate to china. This site is pure trash.

    Oh and I fucking love how in the source code, they have their stylesheet link to chinanews.org

    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”http://www.chinanews.org/css/style.css” type=”text/css” media=”all”>

    This shit is the definition of fake news. Remove this garbage.

  3. Does anyone have a link to the source article? This is an article reporting on an article from the Daily Mirror apparently. Maybe it’s a lack of google foo on my part but I can’t seem to find it. Interesting enough, searching for “Huawei has no back door, but Cisco has 10**”** comes up with this article.


  4. Uhh, that’s pretty obviously a Chinese propaganda “news” site.

  5. While that may be true, I always thought the biggest problem was the IP theft. Huawei built their company by stealing Cisco’s source code. Their routers were essentially a clone of Cisco IOS. Not sure if they got their hands on Cisco’s ASICS, though.

  6. Canadanewsagency is not a trustworthy source but likely linked to Chinese interests

  7. This makes everything a lot clearer. Banning and hunting Huawei because they could literally shut down US surveillance.

  8. Huawei equipment is choke full of back doors. What is the German government smoking.

  9. This is about trade, it’s always been about trade. Cisco really are so much more of an issue for anyone outside the US

  10. Cisco/Linksys (owned by Belkin) allowed Russian FSB officials *complete* access to their HQ, code, etc.

    I would not but anything Cisco or Linksys (same owner). Especially since there was a conveniently timed, major breach in security of alllhome and business routers coming from Russia.

    Having said that, Huawei is not much better. Just state-owned company in China with access to spy on devices. Both are bad, but Russia demonstrated malice already.


  11. We can’t trust America, look at their human rights abuses to migrants.

    Chinese technology is superior and has no backdoor, it is best for the people.

  12. F both of them. We don’t need Huawei infrastructure. If they wish to invest, they can do it with capital or licensing it

  13. Pro-hauwei sentiments after all they’ve been exposed for? Something’s fishy.

  14. Shush!! Stop interrupting the anti-Chinese hate train. Only Chinese firms are allowed to be villified

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