Germany will suspend 35 million euros in Amazon preservation funds sent to Brazil citing increasing deforestation which surged 67% in the first seven months of the year, Brazilian media outlets reported on Saturday.

Germany will droop 35 million euros in Amazon preservation funds despatched to Brazil citing growing deforestation which surged 67% within the first seven months of the yr, Brazilian media retailers reported on Saturday.

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  1. Brazil is the only country in the South Region of America destroying the Amazon. Every single other country in the South Region of America is against the destruction. Venezuela is one of the biggest advocates for saving the Amazon, actually.

  2. Soybeans are Brazil’s largest export, by a huge margin. Soybeans farming is one of the driving causes of Amazon deforestation. 80% of Brazil’s soybeans are used as livestock feed.

    You know what we have to do. You just don’t like it.

    Stop. Eating. So. Much. Meat.

    The IPCC has been banging on about this for weeks after their latest report. We can’t keep eating so much meat and expecting things to get better. Our demand in the West for relatively extravagant lifestyles, particularly what we eat, is driving this deforestation. By all means pressure your local representatives to take a stand against deforestation, but put your money where your mouth is. Stop being part of the problem. Eat less meat.

  3. On top of that the EU should block beef and such stuff from Brazil completely. The stuff that ends up in German supermarkets is too cheap and grown under shady circumstances, tastes like crap and on top is very bad for the environment.

  4. >Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain elected last year, has long been skeptical of environmental issues, and has repeatedly said the Amazon is a resource that belongs to Brazil, which Brazilians should choose how to administer.

    One, how many Brazilians are really given the choice to administer, and two, if that is truly their wish then they can exercise that right without foreign funds supplied to do the opposite.

  5. How is it still possibly for some clown to unilaterally decide to sell of a global asset like the Amazon? Surely there should be some oversight by the UN or some other international body

  6. I think we should do the opposite.
    The entire world benefits from Amazon right ? And Brazil is not a rich country with a flaming economy. And in the past, we – Europeans at least – massively deforested our continents too (but yes, we did not know the consequences as we know them now)

    So we (every other country) could ask Bolsonaro how much money his country makes from deforestation and pay him this price or even more if he stops it.

    That shouldn’t be a solution in an ideal world where Bolsonaro and his greedy friends understand that their action is detrimental in the long run, but from a pragmatical point of view I don’t see a better solution than this one…

    I think cutting subventions will give him an excuse to keep on doing it.

  7. This is good but should Germany be the ones to point the finger though ? I know that the deforestation in the Amazon is far, far worse but Hambach Forest ?

    It just annoys that some countries shit in their own back yards (like where I live Australia) yet get to point the finger at others doing the same

  8. You know bolsanaro is shitty, but expecting a 3rd world county to not advance is also shitty.

    Conservation of the Amazon won’t take care of Brazilians and expecting them to be martyars for it is idiotic.

    If we want the Amazon saved, we should pay for it to be more profitable than logging

  9. since the fate of the Amazon has an impact on all of us with it playing a massive part in producing oxygen and eating up carbon dioxide (among other things), why don’t we threaten them with war? as much as i would normally be against something like this, the idiot Bolsonaro could cause the downfall of humanity.

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