Home / news / ‘Get rid of them’: Trump unites with Putin over disdain for journalists who write stories they don’t like – “Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn’t it? You don’t have this problem in Russia, but we do,” Mr Trump was quoted as telling Mr Putin.

‘Get rid of them’: Trump unites with Putin over disdain for journalists who write stories they don’t like – “Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn’t it? You don’t have this problem in Russia, but we do,” Mr Trump was quoted as telling Mr Putin.

‘Eliminate them’: Trump unites with Putin over disdain for journalists who write tales they do not like – “Eliminate them. Pretend information is a superb time period, is not it? You don’t have this drawback in Russia, however we do,” Mr Trump was quoted as telling Mr Putin.

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  2. “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  3. Putin doesn’t have that problem. All the journalists critical of his government keep falling from balconies.

  4. If Trump was POTUS during WWII, we would have joined the Axis.

  5. The press got him elected. Trump stories, positive or negative, sell advertising. When he was running his rallies were considered “news” and so they got covered. There were definitely better public policy administrators in the GOP field but Trump got nominated because he got the press coverage.

    The fact is that he is not a good deal maker, he isn’t a good administrator, and if all his supporters had actually read real biographical stories about him they would have found that he isn’t a very good businessman either. All he has going for him is that he is a good story.

    Trump likes to complain about it because it gets his base riled up. But he knows negative coverage is good for his brand.

  6. I liken Trump’s presidency to a scenario in which a monkey has locked itself in your car. You’re pretty sure it doesn’t know how to drive but it sure is fucking up the upholstery.

  7. Every time you see a disingenuous self serving world leader attack the press donate some money to a journalism bursary, so those who want to counteract this behaviour, have their education funded .

  8. I remember there was this german politician who thought “Lügenpresse” (lying press) was a great term.

  9. Here’s a novel thought for Trump – stop doing stupid shit that only benefits your rich white buddies. Start doing things that actually help all Americans.

    I’ll bet the negative stories would diminish.

  10. This son of a bitch can’t be allowed to be re elected again in 2020. If we even make it to 2020 with this piece of shit in charge.

  11. Let’s get rid of fake news. Too bad that means the alt-right completely dies and so does your base, Trump.

    It’s all in support of *you*.

  12. You are only allowed to know what the state wants you to know.

  13. Fuck this Russian Cunt

  14. Someone needs to put that sick dog down.

  15. I definitely think fake news is a problem, and we’ve definitely seen a resurgence of yellow journalism, on all sides. But saying to “get rid of” journalists is not good.

  16. So ready for people to finally realize that the state is the ultimate oppressor and start calling for anarchy. It’s going to be awesome.

  17. Calling the Press a problem is literally an undemocratic thing to say. This bugger sounds like he wants a modern day version of the [Alien and Sedition acts.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alien_and_Sedition_Acts)

  18. Hey ho! Donald Trump has got to go!

  19. I can see next years conference. Trump: “Since we introduced gas chambers for anyone who isn’t white or rich our problem have become much easier, so much easier”

  20. Putin must love chatting to this guy, making him feel like a best buddy, playing him like a piano.

  21. Trump don’t know what he’s saying. If Obama was allowed to censor his twitter account and stuff before Trump was elected Trump never would have won.

  22. I actually think he believes all this.

  23. If you know someone, of have a family member, that still supports donald trump, you’re adjacent to one of the absolute worst people imaginable, and you should get rid of that person from your life.

  24. Why they both sit like this? Is this some suggestion from an Alpha male YouTuber or something, it’s really odd

    They both look like they need to go some place but there is literally no where to go, very unchill

    Sit in the chair normally fellas, no one thinks you have some massive unit you need to accommodate, you look like little kids listening to a story who need to pee.

  25. The dull crime duo no one wants.

  26. Jesus Christ these headlines

  27. In case anyone was wondering, ‘Fake News’ was a term coined originally by the Mainstream Media as they feverishly attempted to ‘debunk’ Pizza Gate.

    Trump merely popularized it after the fact. Many people incorrectly think Trump coined the term.

    *the MSM debunked pizzagate by merely saying it so, and then proceeded to perpetuate a false flag incident to show us the dangers of ‘fake news’. (The FBI kid shooting up the pizza parlor, coincidentally destroying a hard drive with one of the rouge bullets).

  28. After watching Chernobyl, his words have a special sense of irony.

  29. Freedom of the press is important. But the Mainstream media are all owned by a few super rich people who abuse them for propaganda. Shutting them down is a good thing and a requirement to have a REALLY free press.

  30. I can understand this since majors journals are against him. Also, fake news may be created because they want to search every details to get him down.

  31. Thank God we can watch RT in American, now…

  32. I really think this sub should study history more. Past presidents often spoke out against the press.

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