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Get to know an Israeli secret office operating in Bahrain since 2007

According to leaked information, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been running a secret office in the Bahraini capital for more than 10 years.

According to information published by Israeli journalist Barak Rafid, the office dates back to Tzipi Livni’s tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The sources reported that the secret communications to operate this office began in 2007. The contacts included a series of behind-the-scenes meetings between Livni and her Bahraini counterpart, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

According to the journalist, according to well-informed sources in the Foreign Ministry, the close relations between Livni and her Bahraini counterpart were strengthened after the Qatari authorities closed the Israeli office in Doha in 2009.

In the same year, after Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister, an Israeli investment company was active in Manama under the name “Center for International Development.”

It later emerged that the company was a cover for an office for Israeli diplomatic activity in Bahrain.

Among the shareholders listed in the company’s records were Brett Jonathan Miller, a South African citizen who was appointed in 2013 as Consul General of Israel in Mumbai, India, in addition to Edo Moide, a Belgian citizen who works today as an electronic coordinator for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The position of the company’s board of directors was assumed by Ilan Floss, who is British and now works as Deputy General Manager for Economic Affairs at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

This company appointed a new CEO in 2018 who is an American citizen, whose name has not been revealed, and he was recently replaced by another Israeli diplomat with dual nationality.

According to the journalist, Rafid, Israeli officials told him that the secret mission had already promoted hundreds of business deals concluded by Israeli companies in Bahrain, and served as a secret communication channel for Tel Aviv.

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