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Get to know him … a French parliamentary committee adopts a bill targeting Muslims

A special committee in the French National Assembly, one of the chambers of Parliament, approved a draft law on principles for promoting respect for the controversial values ​​of the Republic, which was first known in the name of combating separatist Islam.

And French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan announced, in a tweet through his account, that the committee had approved the bill, which aims to consolidate the principles of the republic, as he described it, with broad support.

He added: We are making a law for the future, and not just to respond to today’s challenges, with the aim of defending the values ​​of the republic. He pointed out that the rising right-wing and left-wing currents in the country also pose a threat.

The bill faces criticism, such as that it targets Muslims in France, almost imposes restrictions on all aspects of their lives, and seeks to show some of the things that rarely happen as if they are a chronic problem, according to experts.

It provides for the imposition of censorship of mosques and the associations responsible for their management, and monitoring of the financing of Muslim civil organizations.

It also imposes restrictions on the freedom of families to provide education for their children at home, at a time when wearing the headscarf is prohibited in pre-university education institutions.

The draft law prohibits patients from choosing doctors according to their sex for religious or other reasons, and makes “secular education” mandatory for all public sector employees.

The draft law is expected to be presented to the National Assembly in February.

On the second of last October, the bill was introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron under the name “Combating separatist Islam”, and its name was later changed to the principles of enhancing respect for the values ​​of the Republic as a result of objections.

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