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Girls as Young as 12 Are Being Strip-Searched in Australia

Girls as Young as 12 Are Being Strip-Searched in Australia

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  1. We laugh about how scary it is Down Under. Spiders. Snakes. Plants. Drop Bears. They laugh at us for gun violence and shit health care. The real danger in both places are the people we put in power.

  2. I am against stripsearching for drugs at any age.

  3. what the fuck is wrong with people ?

  4. In Australia, even though we have a Christian evangelical fuck head for a Prime Minister, he allows government-condoned paedophile strip-searching.

  5. That’s just lazy/insane policing. If you have to deal in drug policies and have enough resources to search crowds, take those officers to ports and delivery networks. At least go after traffickers and businesses participating in delivery. Going after children and people who for whatever reason are self medicating just turns the public against enforcement of any kind. For the love of god, they’re strip searching children; sure, that’s not going to leave scars.

  6. Police are strip searching based on roughly no evidence at all in a search for drugs at public events, when they do find drugs they always overestimate the amount the person has on them. But the children are being strip searched without parents or guardians. The girls are made to strip naked, squat and cough, while the police officer looks at their privates. Female officers are used for the girls, but that does not preclude them from being pedophile police.

  7. They’re only allowed to be searched under suspicion, thankfully denying a search is suspicious and you can be strip searched for it. Figure that one out.

  8. That’s one way to traumatize a generation…

  9. Not surprised. Australia government is practically owned by China. Look how they are…..

  10. Serious question. Child drug smuggling is a problem worldwide so how do we combat it?

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  12. Australia is the new Pedo destination.

  13. Australian cops are pedo’s.

    Every single one of them.

    The women too.

  14. is not that how they are saying , boys are always getting fucked by this ?

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