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Giuliani henchman flips on Trump, says he threatened Ukraine to investigate Biden or lose aid

Giuliani henchman flips on Trump, says he threatened Ukraine to investigate Biden or lose aid

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  1. Next up: Trump ‘barely knows Giuliani’

  2. >But after Trump claimed not to know Parnas, despite appearing with him at numerous events, the Giuliani associate had a change of heart.

    Trump’s amnesia defense has finally bit him in the ass.

  3. For fucks sake his company was called “fraud guarantee”

  4. At some point, you run out of excuses. It’s no longer something witch Hunt or lynching when mountain of people and evidence are stacked against you. This should be the time when GOP need to take the blinders off at least and recognize you can only deny for so long.

  5. What’s the spin now? “Oh, everyone Trump surrounds himself with is turning on him and implicating him in this crime? That’s just further proof he is innocent of course! Man, the dems will go to any length to plant leftists all around Trump to turn on him at just the key moments to make him look bad.”

  6. And the Trump chumps will say: “What — are you going to trust a criminal?” with no hint of irony.

  7. Republicans still arent going to remove him from office. None of it matters. Go vote

  8. Well this is not a big problem. He’s Ukrainian right? Well, that whole country is corrupt, how can you take the word of a Ukrainian? Not to mention that, but he’s in JAIL! Like right now, he is literally in jail. Doesn’t sound like a very trustworthy guy to me. His testimony is suspect in my mind.

    My above argument is available for licensing to any Republicans who need talking points. Just contact me for my payment information.

  9. Damn Democratic plants! – Trump Supporters probably.

  10. What we need is to have one of these guys start implicating Moscow Bitch McConnell and Spinless Lindsey and get the GOP scared enough to flip now.

  11. To be honest this feels like the goal of Russia- not just to saddle the US with a “useful idiot” but to admit to doing so as to erode confidence in democracy as a whole.

  12. God I hope we- *metaphorically*- bury these traitors.

  13. Me: “oh man this is juicy!”
    Also me: “The right won’t give a shit.”

  14. BREAKING: AG William Barr would like to review the testimony and has concluded that nothing improper happened. If that doesn’t quite make sense, fuck you.

  15. Every time a new article comes out i’m like “this is the nail in the coffin”.




    There must be at least 12 nails now.

  16. But….but guys! Who cares? It doesn’t matter. You made trump do it anyways. What about Hillary’s emails!?!


  17. They’re flipping on him one by one. The dominoes are falling. Drumpf’s fake presidency is also falling. Can’t wait for the impeachment proceedings this week.

  18. Really hope this guy doesnt accidentally commit suicide.

  19. Funny thing – If both President Trump and Mike Pence get impeached, Nancy Pelosi becomes President.

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