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Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a top priority of Turkish president, former officials say

Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a high precedence of Turkish president, former officers say

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  1. He has a green card. The case has been reviewed, there’s no reason to eject him from the U.S. These people wanting him kicked out, because they are being bribed, are traitors. This country was created by people fleeing persecution. To hand someone over like this is as anti american as it gets.

  2. Wonder if they offered Giuliani more or less than what they would’ve paid Flynn for this same scheme?

  3. We should have let building a Trump tower here in Paris. The USA would have in the Climate bill.

  4. Under Trump you can have no assurance or faith in the USA. Ask Iran, the Palestinians, the Kurds, wait till Afghanistan is left to the Taliban

  5. Here is the first half of the article:

    Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a top priority of Turkish president, former officials say
    Rudolph W. Giuliani has said he does not need to register as a foreign lobbyist. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
    Carol D. Leonnig,
    Ellen Nakashima,
    Josh Dawsey and
    Tom Hamburger
    Oct. 15, 2019 at 9:01 p.m. EDT

    Rudolph W. Giuliani privately urged President Trump in 2017 to extradite a Turkish cleric living in exile in the United States, a top priority of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to multiple former administration officials familiar with the discussions.

    Giuliani, a Trump ally who later became the president’s personal attorney, repeatedly argued to Trump that the U.S. government should eject Fethullah Gulen from the country, according to the former officials, who spoke on the condition on anonymity to describe private conversations.

    Turkey has demanded that the United States turn over Gulen, a permanent U.S. resident who lives in Pennsylvania, to stand trial on charges of plotting a 2016 coup attempt against Erdogan. Gulen has denied involvement in the plot.

    Giuliani is now under scrutiny for his efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political rivals. His earlier attempts to persuade the president to turn over the Turkish cleric represent another instance in which he appears to have been pushing a shadow foreign policy from his perch outside government.

    The former New York mayor brought up Gulen so frequently with Trump during visits to the White House that one former official described the subject as Giuliani’s “hobby horse.” He was so focused on the issue — “it was all Gulen,” recalled a second former official — that White House aides worried that Giuliani was making the case on behalf of the Turkish government, former officials said.

    “We’re not going to arrest [Gulen] to do a solid for Erdogan,” the second official said, describing the internal thinking.

    However, Trump appeared receptive to the idea, pressing his advisers about Gulen’s status, the people said.

    One former senior administration official recalled that Trump asked frequently about why Gulen couldn’t be turned over to Turkey, referring to Erdogan as “my friend.”

    Administration officials were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea and told the president that the move could violate the legal process and damage him politically.

    White House officials did not respond to requests for comment.

    It’s unclear why Giuliani was championing a cause of such high importance to Erdogan — one the Turkish president personally raised with both the Obama administration and Trump. In 2017, Giuliani unsuccessfully pressed then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to help on another matter important to Erdogan: helping stop the U.S. prosecution of a Turkish Iranian trader, The Washington Post reported last week.

    Giuliani is not registered as a foreign lobbyist, as he would be required to do if he were being paid to lobby the U.S. government on a policy matter for a foreign interest.

    Giuliani told The Post in a phone interview late Monday that he never represented Turkey and so he does not need to register as a foreign lobbyist.

    In a text exchange Tuesday afternoon, he declined to discuss whether he advocated for Gulen’s extradition, writing: “can’t comment on it that would be complete attorney client privilege but sounds wacky.”

    When told that multiple people described the conversations to The Post, Giuliani responded “Bull,” and then liked the question with a thumbs-up emoji.

    He did not return phone messages or respond to follow-up questions, except to add in a text that he “will not participate in an illegitimate, unconstitutional, and baseless ‘impeachment inquiry.’ ”

  6. Guaranteed he was instrumental in sitting on the intelligence before Khashoggi’s murder as well. Watching this degenerate do the perp walk will be glorious.

  7. lol this is what did Flynn in

  8. Isn’t this the same guy that Mike Flynn wanted to “black bag” and ship to Turkey during the supposed Coup? Rudy Coulludi, is up to his eyeballs in this shit… it’s like he never watched any coverage of Cohen going to prison.

  9. Wasn’t this what another Trump official and his company were arrested for?

  10. If he did, Giuliani is even more of a traitorous little weasel wonker than I have ever given him credit for being.

  11. What a coincidence, this was something General Flynn was interested in, and he was working as an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey.

  12. Tldr? I can’t access the article…

  13. For people actualy want to get some information about this issue, i am a non muslim anti-erdogan turkish, just incase if you think me as another brainwashed erdogan supporter, i am not, i’d like to clarify who is this muslim cleric and why turkey wants him back.

    That muslim cleric is Fettullah Gülen, leader of a dangerous islamic cult named Gülenists. He and his people were around long before erdoğan became pm of turkey in 2003. Gülen is not a US born and raised US muslim citisen, he had to flee Turkey when pre-Erdoğan secular government came after him for his threats to secular Turkey. Gulenists and Erdoğan’s party were fully suporting each other early 2000s, and they played a big role at Erdoğan’s first election winning. Both groups were getting along quite nice till 2012-13, because obviously they were anti secular and getting along well, at these years some things happened between them, some people say it was about sharing wealth of turkey, some people say Erdoğan realised Gülen was as strong as him in terms of influence reasons are not clear, this cold war between two groups resulted a failed coup attemt in 2015, a coup attemtp made by gülenists in army, gülenists soldiers that Erdoğan promoted to high positions when they were cool, this is very important, by prisoning 38 secular generals of turkish army and air force.

    So Gülen and Erdoğan are different sides of same coin, and coup attemt is %100 made gülenists, there are lots of camera tapes showing gülen’s known civilian leuitenants leading coup at some army bases with thier people already in high positions within army and air force. So there is not a thing called not enough evidence, i dont know about either turkey didnt give those evidence to US officials, because obviously Erdoğan would not want to hear what gülen would have to say about their earlier relations in a turkish court or turkey gave those evidences and US still want to hokd him as an asset.

    One thing i am not sure, but i do higly suspect, Erdoğan probably knew about coup attemt, but he still had support of very large portion of army, so he probably let it happen and fail, to get more political power and to go after Gülenists in Turkey, most fo them are in prison right now.

  14. Ghouliani needs to be arrested and held in contempt of congress immediately if not sooner.

  15. I can not wait until Trump finally sees Giuliani as a liability and cuts bait on him… everything Trump touches, dies.

    Then the recriminations, the accusations will start flying like a couple of spurned lovers the shit will hit the fan.

  16. All of these articles serve a purpose. Giuliani is the next cutout. He’ll be thrown under the bus soon, and give Republicans enough cover they can stand by Trump. Nevermind that this guy, who surrounds himself with people who constantly are fired (for corruption or other crimes) or quit in disgust, is President.

  17. Giuliani sure loves sucking the sultans dick.

  18. So did Michael Flynn.

    They took payment from the Turkish government via Ekim Alptekin.

  19. The cleric has a name, Fetullah gulen. he was responsible for 150 or so deaths during turkeys’ last coup.

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  21. We’ve been bamboozled! Has Turkey been the dark hand this whole time?

  22. Lmao at liberals defending an Islamic cult leader here shows how they will defend anything if its against Trump.

  23. Gulen is now a “Muslim Cleric” now ?

    Gulen is just not just some “random cleric”, talk about ignorant american newspapers

    indeed Erdogan suspects him of being the main suspect of the so called “coup” that happened in Turkey a while back

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