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Glances and tears | Libyans..Do not kill the opportunity twice

Between the Skhirat Agreement in Morocco 2015 and the Tunis Agreement 2020, five years of murder, forced labor, disability, displacement, multi-faceted suffering, and multi-headed nightmares. 5 years of destruction for the state and its capabilities, for society and its components, and for the Libyan people, their spirits, dreams and aspirations. The agreement achieved today is wonderful, so do not waste the opportunity and kill it again.

And to those who doubt, pessimism, complain, and bias, I say to them and judge! Is enough! And applaud the agreement, and those who signed it, pray to them for success, and raise your hands to them with salutations and reverence, and sincerely ask them to complete the rest of the stages, in order to restore peace and stability, and to begin rebuilding Libya, which has been waiting for the launch for more than half a century, do not submit your pessimism to Your optimism, and do not let your prejudice push you to continue the ongoing war crimes; Rather, stand together and an invincible veil that prevents a return to war, whatever the reasons. Express your concerns and fears, and offer your advice and suggestions But far from talking about victory and defeat, delving into internal and external factors, questioning intentions, and talking about pessimistic prospects and possibilities. Libya won in stopping the war with this agreement, so preserve this victory, and be its guard.

Every day that comes to Libya without missiles, rockets, bombing, killing and destruction, is a day of celebration, joy and good tidings, and this tremendous ability to kill and destroy during the war should be the highest and most enthusiastic in laying the foundations for stability and launching in construction, development and making the future.

The Five axioms

All Libyans, in particular, must acknowledge that the civil war that was ongoing was a foolish and insane war that claimed thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of wounded and handicapped people, and hundreds of thousands of displaced and displaced people fled under its burden, who narrowed in Arab and international capitals, and oil losses reached more. Out of $ 230 billion, not to mention the cost of the destruction of the infrastructure, and the cost of the social and psychological breakdowns that afflicted the people, who have no camel or camel over them, and although all parties know about this high cost; However, they continued with it, although they also know that in the end it is governed by a group of axioms, from which there is no distinction, foremost among which are the following five axioms:

1. Libya is for the Libyans:

All Libyans, with all their political orientations, intellectual affiliations, tribal and regional loyalties, and all stand before the constitution and the law on an equal footing, enjoy their full civil liberties and constitutional rights, including the right to run for election, vote and form parties, and no one has the right to deny anyone, accuse him, or He is hostile to him, because he contradicts him in terms of orientation or affiliation, as long as he is bound by the constitution and the law.

2. The war is between Libyan parties:

These Libyan parties have been brutal in exceptional circumstances, and have facilitated the use of weapons to impose their political agenda, whether they are personal or partisan, internal or external, and that external parties, regardless of their role inside Libya, for the benefit of this or that party. They will remain external parties, and all Libyans will not hesitate to align themselves with them when necessary.

3. Everyone in the Civil War is a loser:

In this civil war, there is no winner and no loser, so everyone is losers, and the loss is heavy, and the biggest loser is the nation that is vulnerable to collapse and fragmentation, and with it the people who are caught by shrapnel and fires, and the torrents of displacement and migration exchange it, so its past is scattered, its present collapses, and its future is bogged down.

4. No matter how long the civil war lasts, it will end:

Consequently, hastening the cessation of the war is the head of wisdom, in order to preserve what is left of the homeland, our right to blood, lift the suffering, and invest in capabilities in rebuilding, and that the victory of one of the parties over the other, will always remain temporary predominance waiting for circles to revolve over it due to the factors of time, and what Bear with variables and transformations.

5. Dialogue is the only safe way to resolve internal disputes:

No matter how long the dialogue lasts, the country will be exposed to some internal economic, security and development crises. But it will survive fires, destruction, disruption and collapse, and the people will remain safe from killing, disability, displacement and displacement.

Every day that comes to Libya without missiles, rockets, bombing, killing and destruction, is a day of celebration, joy and good tidings, and this tremendous ability to kill and destroy during the war should be the highest and most enthusiastic in laying the foundations for stability and launching in construction, development and making the future.

A model to follow

The five principles on which the reconciliation agreement between the Libyan parties was based under the auspices of the United Nations affirmed the following:

1. The unity of the Libyan territories and the protection of its borders by land, sea and air.

2. Refrain from subjugating the national decision and the country’s capabilities to any external power.

3. Combating terrorism is a common national policy in which all state institutions contribute.

4. Respect for human rights and the rules of international law.

5. The terms of the agreement apply to the entire Libyan state by land, sea and air.

These five principles, which were characterized by a high degree of clarity, comprehensiveness and specificity, laid a solid basis for entering into a serious dialogue to stop the fighting and not return to war again, and agreeing on a set of urgent measures that enhance credibility and establish joint cooperation between the two parties to the conflict to manage the work of the next stage, The end of hostilities and the prevention of any violations. The spirit that prevailed in the atmosphere of the negotiations helped to reach a set of urgent transitional actions, chiefly:

  • Immediate ceasefire.
  • Clear all seams.
  • Forming a limited joint military force to limit expected violations.
  • Classifying armed entities and groups inside Libya, dismantling them, and reintegrating them into state institutions according to need and according to conditions.
  • Stop the media escalation and hate speech.
  • Opening roads, land and air crossings.
  • Guarding oil installations and ensuring their flow.
  • Stop arresting the identity and political affiliation, and only arrest those who are criminally wanted.
  • Holding parliamentary and presidential elections in December of next year.

These five principles and their provisions, and the spirit that prevailed in the atmosphere of negotiations, are a model to be followed to stop other conflicts that are taking place in other Arab countries, such as Yemen and Syria. It represents the first step, which the Libyan people have waited for a long time, to return to a normal life without bombing, destruction, dead or injured.

It is the first step in the process of building a new cohesive Libyan state, in which all Libyans enjoy all the freedoms and constitutional rights, and in which political forces compete for the peaceful transfer of power, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and law of the Libyan state that represents its people, and has independent national sovereignty, which maintains balanced relations with those around Regional and international according to their mutual interests with each.

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