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Glass screen and microphone control .. Trump and Bidan face each other in the last debate

Today, Thursday, US President Donald Trump has the last opportunity to present arguments to convince the masses of his re-election, when he faces his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, in front of a huge crowd of Americans in a public debate, the last between them before the elections scheduled for November 3.

The debate, which will be broadcast on television, comes at a time when Trump desperately needs to change the course of the race, as he is significantly behind Biden in opinion polls nationwide less than two weeks before the vote, although the competition is much more intense in some states.

The first debate between them at the end of September in Cleveland, Ohio ended in chaos, and accusations exchanged between the two candidates.

At least 73 million viewers watched that first debate between the two candidates, and Trump missed a second debate after it was decided to take place online in the wake of his diagnosis of Covid-19 disease, which kept him out of the election campaign for more than a week, and has been trying hard since then to gain ground, Sometimes two elections conferences are held in one day.

Issues raised in the debate will include the Corona pandemic, ethnic relations, climate change, and national security. And the Trump campaign believes that the entire debate should focus on foreign policy.

New rules and procedures
To avoid the chaos of the first debate, the candidate’s microphone, whose turn is not to speak, will be cut off.

Trump criticized the move, describing it as unfair, and strongly criticized journalist Kristen Welker, who will conduct the debate, saying that it is “a rigid leftist democracy.”

To gain ground in the last debate, Trump may have to change course from the first debate, in which he repeatedly interrupted Biden’s speech, launched a personal attack on him, and showed little respect for the debate director.

Biden, 77, who leads in opinion polls, described Trump in the first debate as a “liar”, “racist” and a “clown”. The former businessman replied, “Biden has nothing to do with intelligence.”

Despite the new measures, nothing indicates currently that the tone will be more decent or constructive this time, although a glass barrier will be placed between the candidates due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Trump is afraid of becoming a president who filled one state, prompting him to intensify his personal attacks in recent days against the integrity of his rival, stressing that the Biden family is a “criminal institution.”

The latest Reuters / Ipsos poll revealed that Biden is nine points clear across the country, down from 12 points in the first week of October. He advanced by a large margin in Michigan and Wisconsin, two of the hotly contested states.

To date, more than 42 million Americans have cast their ballots, according to the independent organization, the Elections Project, which constitutes about 30% of the total voters in the 2016 election.

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