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Global dissatisfaction with democracy at record high, new Cambridge report reveals

Global dissatisfaction with democracy at record high, new Cambridge report reveals

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  1. Corrupt representative democracy is not democracy. We are not dissatisfied with democracy we are dissatisfied with the farce.

  2. The oligarchs have become so greedy they alerted us to their presence. Time to make a move.

  3. That doesn’t mean we want dictatorships, cough.

    It tends to mean we want a considerably more robust to corruption system, and there’s a huge amount of neolib and capitalism hatred mixed in there too.
    Carrying on with the same old same old (oh hi Convservatism) just isn’t cutting it, technology and the world has moved on, a new system is needed to proactively get on top of the issues faced now which are also only going to increase even more over the next decades and beyond.

  4. It’s almost as if people want more out of democracy than the choice between which rich people are going to fuck them over.

  5. Who would have thought that someone getting a law passed with 51% was a good idea

  6. Voting systems have been compromised everywhere it seems.

  7. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.bennettinstitute.cam.ac.uk/news/global-dissatisfaction-democracy-record-high-new-c/) reduced by 91%. (I’m a bot)
    > The report marks the launch of Cambridge's new Centre for the Future of Democracy, which will look at the "Bigger picture to see how democracy could evolve".

    > Dissatisfaction with democratic politics among citizens of developed* countries has increased from a third to half of all individuals over the last quarter of a century, according to the largest international dataset on global attitudes to democracy ever made.

    > Following the onset of the global financial crisis in October 2008, for example, global dissatisfaction with the functioning of democracy jumped by around 6.5 percentage points – an increase that "Appears to have been durable", say researchers.

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  8. Idiots voting for idiots gets idiotic results gives idiotic response. Colour me surprised.

  9. People are dissatisfied with the lack of democracy. It’s not that people are dissatisfied with democracy.

  10. Not so much democracy. It’s capitalism that I am dissatisfied.

  11. Democracy has been pretty much hacked by mass media. It’s degenerated into a war of the hackers.

    It might have worked when the world was simple enough that the average person had some idea of what was going on, but that world’s been gone for at least a century.

  12. Probably because we all live in pseudo democracies, in a real democracy the people have the power and everything is voted on and decided on by the people. What we have now are people who pretend to represent our voices and best interests when in fact they are only in their positions of power to self enrich at our expense.

  13. It’s more likely dissatisfaction with the *results* of democracy. Many countries are roughly split evenly politically, and the politicians are not only making no effort to bridge the divides, but openly encourage them. “We won, fuck you guys who didn’t support us” is not a way to run a country.

  14. Fascism is going to make a comeback, innit?

  15. Media with basic standards is the problem. Media has to meet minimum integrity standards or it corrupts and divides far more than the unlimited expression benefits society.

    When we switched to cable and consolidated media we lost a lot of integrity, when we further deregulated media and didn’t hold internet publishers accountable like legacy publishers we sabotaged our entire social hierarchy.

    If you think humans are reafy for self regulation or a society without rules and government, you’re a moron.

  16. This is the long term issue with all these 20th century regulatory agencies and growth in administrative power.

    Elites and organized special interests will naturally corrupt them for private gain. Eventually the people will slowly notice though they cannot be in the know as to how. The people start to think, if the wealthy are getting benefits, why can’t everyone else?

    There will be two parties, one will speak for law, order, traditions and property rights. The other for justice, fairness and equality. The redistribution party will eventually come to power, along the way and in power they will be hampered by the mass of entrenched conservative elites. A demagogue will offer to be given empowered authority in exchange for rooting out the corrupt web of officials… collapse.

    Has broadly occurred in every damn republic or democracy there ever was. Happens all over African, Asian and Latin American democracies. Has happened in modern Europe. Currently ongoing in America.

  17. You can’t be dissatisfied with something that does not exist. Last democratic government was shut down in 338 BC by Alexander the Great.

    Today Democracy is nothing but a manipulation to keep masses complacent. Meanwhile our Republics are run by the oligarchy just like Roman republic on which example our constitutions are made:


    “**Servius so disposed the centuries in the classes that the votes were under control of the rich and not of the masses. He accepted the** **principle, to which we must forever adhere in the Republic, that the majority should not have the strongest voice… He who had most to gain from the well-being of the state could use his vote to greatest effect**” (Cicero *Rep.* 39-40)



    …if you have ever wondered why government will bail out rich bankers but newer little man with the mortgage on his home struggling to make ends meet. Banker have always “most to gain from the well-being of the state”.

  18. It’s not a fucking democracy when the minority rules.

  19. It’s not democracy people are dissatisfied with, its corruption of it.

  20. That’s because modern democracies are really oligarchies.

  21. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…..

  22. Probably more a general dissatisfaction with life after the crash of 2008/9. Complicated societies are not amenable to simplified solutions, which is what populist peddle, and frustration with progress give wind to those populist fires. The old democracies have seen stagnation and are effected by the lapse into economic uselessness of a fifth or more of their citizens, who now cost more to support than they are able to generate. This comes across as an abrogation of the post WWII social contract: that the system will find a place for you if you play by the rules. Those who still do well in the new environment are seen as a predatory elite, and as they often become representatives in democracies the democracy is seen as taken over by that elite. But that is what happens in meritocracies: merit reigns, where what constitutes “merit” consists of winning the prizes that are on offer.

    In the newer democracies, political power has always been seen as a route to personal enrichment and the advancement of your family and wider influence group. Corruption is a norm, and hugely a problem for the low-income members of that society, who have to pay arbitrary sums in order to access basic services. As whole representative and legal systems become infested with this norm, the idea of democracy becomes tarnished; but exactly the same things happens under dictatorial or theocratic system, as the discontent also grows. The “least worst” system on offer, perhaps, but social media have given a voice ot individual discontents and this feeds on itself.

  23. The problem with capitalist democracy is that it gives people a taste of dreams they will never be able to realize. If you live in the US, you will never starve; you will have an iPhone, a car, probably some sort of property. But the system makes you a slave of your desires, for which you pay with your life.

  24. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    When unchecked capitalism is influencing, is infiltrating, is buying governments people aren’t going to like democracy.

    They aren’t even hiding it good anymore, the guy mentioned in this article has connections to wanting to make education in Ontario private instead of public, the guy who is connected to the conservative party literally paid to spread false information.


  25. Frankly, a model that focused on the needs of people before profits, would be better.

    Democracy has been used by capitalism to destroy governments they didn’t like. The CIA works to destabilize elected governments, therefore destroying opposition. Capital, controlled by billionaires, has had a destructive nature in democracies because they have to serve wealth to both stay in power or get in power. This self perpetuating system would end in enslavement of the 99%.
    The same rich would work to convince the slaves that ending their slavery would be slavery.
    The logical conclusion.

  26. When you look at the array of corrupt, criminal, disgraceful right-wing kleptocracies in power, you realize how fucked the human race is

  27. I wonder how many people say they are ‘dissatisfied’ with democracy but keep voting the same politicians/parties into power.

    I also have to wonder how many people don’t like democracy since they didn’t get the result they wanted.

  28. “Shmamshmocracy.”

    There. Fixed it for you.

  29. Because democracy was handed to people.

    Democracy isnt a good form of government, it’s just positively idealistic. It embodies ideals of fairness and global representation to enact a democracy.

    The reality is that democracy isnt self sustaining. It requires constant work and upkeep of which most people want no part in because they want to deal with their own lives and assume that since democracy is so good the government is a self maintaining machine.

    It’s how it goes, and always will. Humans have yet to show any ability to adapt long term, and only short term on the backs of tragedy.

  30. Just waiting for the aliens to show up and offer us their “solution”…

  31. Might have something to do with not a single actual democracy existing.

  32. It’s not democracy, it’s capitalism.

  33. fake news, corporate and wealthy money for influence deals and abuse of the numbers game like electoral college.

  34. By whom, exactly?

    By people in the democratic countries who have never lived in any other system?

    Or by people in non-democratic countries who have been brainwashed their entire lives to believe that democracy is a bad idea by their own governments who are intent on controlling them?

    If people in the West are “dissatisfied” with democracy, that’s totally fine (although it makes no sense at all to me) but I wonder if they’ve ever considered the alternative. I don’t think they have.

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