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Global economy will suffer for ‘years to come’

Global economy will suffer for ‘years to come’

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  1. Are we going to war after this big depression, like last time?

  2. Years to come, yes, but we will recover.

  3. This is a “black swan” event, and we several things happening here at the same time

    1) short term debt cycle
    2) long term debt cycle
    3) black swan event happening at the exact same time as debt cycles

    the time is so perfect it is actually scary

  4. How long would it take to normalize again?

  5. I wish I could be alive to see how this plays out years from now but I won’t. In my lifetime I’ve been in combat, gone to college, had a family, and worked in medicine. I’ll end it having been in a global pandemic and two major recessions. Maybe I’ll ending it in a Depression. That’s my life in my time on planet earth. It’s been no better or worse than other times and other people.

  6. Its just money… like times past, we’ll come back

  7. Just have governments throw whatever money they need to throw at this, and afterwards have a worldwide agreement to just cancel the debt. It’s been done in the past and can be done again.

    Debt is all virtual nowadays, there’s no reason for it except that we agree to recognize each others debt to keep the economies going. Let’s use this to reset all of that. I don’t care if Goldman Sachs et al. loose trillions, they don’t need it as much as people need food and shelter and like I said it’s all virtual.

  8. maybe we’ll make some changes and start respecting mother earth once more

  9. is the response to the virus making money worth less? I know my stock holdings are pretty screwed, but is money (cash) becoming worth less too?

  10. Global correction ushers in a global currency with a Global monetary policy.

    Utopia here we come

  11. Obvious infomation is obvious.

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