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Good timing to return in front of the counter-attack monster


Cal Jurgen Klopp praised his team for their “brave” performance and ending a period of decline with a 3-1 win over Tottenham in the Premier League on Thursday, but received a fresh blow in his injury-plagued defense.

The defending champion missed five consecutive league matches, including the last 4 matches without scoring a goal, but he looked closer to his amazing level thanks to the trio of Roberto Firmino, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Sadio Mane to clinch the three points.

Liverpool returned to fourth place, and although it was still 4 points behind leaders Manchester City, Klopp said that what happened was a reminder that the champion has not gone away yet.

“It was a good (win). It was also necessary. It is a good time to come back a little. We are still in competition and that is good. Now we will return to (Liverpool) and then we will come to face West Ham,” the coach told reporters.

Firmino’s goal, in stoppage time for the first half, ended a long fasting period of scoring for Liverpool, who were dangerous in every second-half attack.

“I am completely happy with the performance, it is up to the players. They performed well and bravely in the face of the counter-attack monster, and this is true and what makes the victory exceptional,” Klopp said.

He was forced to make changes in the defense duo, involving Jordan Henderson and Joel Matip after Fabinho was ruled out for a muscle injury.

Matip sustained an ankle injury during the victory, and with Virgil van Dyck and Joe Gomez absent Klopp does not have many defensive solutions.

“We still have some solutions. Not really many. What happened in defense is really unbelievable,” the German coach added.

Despite the continuing crisis of defensive injuries, Liverpool finally succeeded in ending their 482-minute goal hiatus when Firmino opened the scoring.

“We missed many chances against Burnley, and today we knocked down the wall and that’s fine. It is easy to lose (confidence), but it can also be restored. It is not a light that you can turn off and turn on. You have to come back in time,” Klopp said.

“We scored goals at the right time, the right players scored those goals, so everything was good regardless of (Tottenham) goal,” he added.

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